Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Spanish golf thing: the failure of the federation that left Santiago Tarot

The Galician player, who is currently the third-best Spaniard in the rankings, was not in the pre-list as the RFEG had not updated it since March.

  • john rahmo Without Games after his second positive for Covid in two months: “Luck has other plans for me”

news of positive for covid19 john rahmo Shaking like a tsunami early in the Spanish morning. A news that meant the inevitable resignation of the world number one for the Olympic event, a particularly brutal situation for him, noting that it is his second positive after being found in June. A plethora of inexplicable circumstances hitherto beyond human control.

But the soap opera begins to get complicated when, at 9:02 a.m. on Sunday morning, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation sends out a statement with Rahm’s return and ends the text by saying: “There is no physical need to find a replacement and meet everyone.” Time is not the sanitary protocol required at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Spanish golf will be represented only in the men’s category, by adri arnaus“.

At the time, while the network burned down due to the Spanish delegation’s perceived lack of foresight, Jorge Campillo, last on the list of Olympic athletes registered by the RFEG, contacted the federation’s president to express his desire to reach Japan before Thursday and to expedite all his options for participating in the tournament. loss of north american Bryson de Chambeau, also positive, and its immediate replacement by Patrick ReedThey set petrol on fire.

“Doing the math, it was difficult for a player to reach with all the health protocols, so at first we decided not to send anyone,” he tells Tokyo, nacho prides, Sports Director of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. However, Campillo’s firm decision changes the approach and all protocols are activated so that he can reach Tokyo. But there is another problem behind it, the next player in the ranking is Galician santiago jaro And not Jorge Campillo.

“The fault is ours, we can’t hide it”

“The fault is ours, we can’t hide it,” admits Gervais. “We have to give a back list with potential Olympic players. It’s an inconvenient protocol for the players, because they have to monitor, fill out forms… and we prepared that list for the month of March with five names Of those who didn’t. Tarot was there. He wasn’t close to the top spots at the time.”

The federation sent the first list with the five best players in the rankings at that time. be on the list, Sergio Garca, cabrera-bello, Arnaus and Campillo. But circumstances left the Spanish players off the list, while Taro scored two victories on the Challenge Tour and became fifth in the rankings at the end of June. However, the list was never updated and the Olympic Committee does not allow unregistered athletes to compete. “All adverse situations have happened. While it’s normal that players who don’t have options in principle don’t want to be on that list because it’s inconvenient, we had to foresee it,” Gervais, captain, also admitted. Let’s do the Spanish men’s team.

Santiago Tarot: “This is a great injustice”

Once the situation was revealed, Tarot took part in this directly affected newsletter: “It has been confirmed that we cannot leave, as we are not on the pre-list made in March. That’s a lot.” It’s a big injustice. It’s true that I was far away at that time, but my entire team deserves it.” “I didn’t even know there was a list, I was surprised that no one from RFEG contacted us to ask about clothing sizes, just in case… Apparently I’ve never been to an Olympic Games. I haven’t gone and I don’t know how it works”, he explained.

“It’s important to be resilient. I’m very spoiled, especially by my team. It was a unique opportunity, I understand it’s a mistake that can happen, but it’s a very expensive mistake for me with no way to make up for it.” No. For this. Three years from now,” he concluded.