Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Spain's strategy in search of first medal: Valverde, four lone wolves and a Japanese Mini Mortirolo

“We take runners who wouldn’t mind drawing blood on the brakes to get to the goal,” Mompler warns of a race whose favorites are Pogacar, Van Aert, Rojic and Capraz.

Coach with brothers Izagire, Herada, Fraley and Valverde in Tokyo.RFEC

It will be five samurai on the ramp Mt. Fuji, “attentive to the danger that always strikes when everything seems calm”, as the farmers warned at the beginning of the masterpiece Akira Kurosawa. Lengthen the Tour’s recent battles to introduce sports dance to the Games, however Harsh With majority feet and a quintet of Spaniards, who boarded the plane on Monday en route to Tokyo, the gray national big bouquet as an impetus for retribution.

Unique Gold Samuel Sanchez Beijing in 2008. And this time the road test for the Spaniards doesn’t seem too favourable. captain alejandro valverde, in the romantic mission of his fifth games, which were on the verge of happening not for the break of the pandemic. He presents himself as the captain of the national team with 41 compliments and “You have to let him enjoy himself”, because then, maybe … “That would be an achievement. But Alejandro is old, he has done many things.” and he still rides a bicycle because it is his passion, because he loves his sport”, he continues Pascual Momparlor For this newspaper, drawing attention to Murcian. “You have to let him run at his own pace, enter the race and have a good time. Valverde’s demanding time is over.”

But the bullet sharpens the fangs. “It’s like a gift,” he admitted to Olympic Village reporters yesterday, dragging the race into his mind. “I like heat to cold and rain, but Humidity can be decisive. Next one cut will be your thing. And it will not be necessary to attack, it will be a race for elimination,” he warned.

“Get Their Blood Out”

This question is a distraction this time. This is the strategy of Spain. Because this is not the time to build muscles, but to wonder. It is clear to Koch that for this he chose a group of hunters rather than a selection that worked for a leader. “Five lone wolves. Exactly. Runners who know how to take advantage of the rest in a stampede, who wouldn’t hurt to get their blood out to achieve their goal,” he confesses.

The Izagire brothers, Jess Herada and Omar Fraley To go with ‘Bala’. A list based on the dispute of exclusion of paleo bilbao (13 in the Giro and ninth in the Tour), with absence due to injury Mikel Landa And with the memory of success. “Except Gorka, who has always been with Alexander to death, is the team that got the gold in Innsbruck [Valverde, Enric Mas, Ion Izagirre, Jess Herrada, Mikel Nieve, David de la Cruz, Jonathan Castroviejo y Omar Fraile, que entr por Landa] in 2018. It’s a drank and it gives pleasure”, Mompler recalls.

Because spotlights avoid Spanish. About Tadej Pogakar, Primoz Rogick, Richard Carapaz or Vout van Aerte They will descend. And that even the absence shines (Julian Laphillip, Egan Bernal, Peter Sagan Or Matthew van der Poela, instead of trying it in MTB test). This is why Spain must be on guard against the “ambush”, which will be launched already on the ascent of Mount Fuji—the second of the 234-km route, with about 5,000 accumulated unevenness—and even later, on. The wall that lines everything before the finish line, after a distance of 20 kilometers at the Fuji Autodromo. “NS Mikuni Pass [6,8 kilmetros al 10% de media] This will be where it breaks. Those who move at the time, who may or may not be favourites…it’s rare for the whole team to get there,” predicts the Spanish coach.

Mount Fuji, 3,776 meters from Yamanaka Lake.AFP

For this reason, yesterday Thursday, the Spanish quintet lone wolves observed Mikuni and today on Friday they returned to Mount Fuji. Expect heat and humidity and maybe even rain. “The route is long, but it doesn’t have the harshness of an alpine stage. No one expects an hour-long climb. I compare it with a tough pass touring the Basque Country. Pure climbers here, it’s bad” , analyzes Momperler, who feels it more for “runners of strength and power who traverse the mountain well” than Spain brings to Tokyo. “Mikuni is a difficult port, with a rough road. I would not say that like Mortirolo, because it is longer, but it is similar”, compares Ayan Izagire.

So the responsibility, to others. “Belgium and Slovenia are the ones who have to set the pace. Nobody wants to help them, because at the end of the race they have one more point than the rest. We have to play other things. And don’t get bogged down in resignation”, Mompler concludes, which warns as cover rigoberto urni [plata en Londres 2012] Or bouke molema. “Someone with good legs is going to be left behind for not getting a good cut.”