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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Spain takes a big step into quarter-finals with a goal

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Spain takes a big step into quarter-finals with a goal

Alex Gamez’s goal from seven metres, with the score at zero, and 10 goals from pivot Adri Figueres, broke Norway’s (28–27) resistance.

Alex Gamez was congratulated by his teammates after the winning goal.EFE

seven metres. a goal from alex gamez With the clock already at zero, it brought Spain closer to the quarter-finals in Tokyo. team of jordi ribera, with the outstanding contribution of Rodrigo Corrales You adri figuerasNorway got rid of Norway for their second win in Group A, where they will face Brazil on Wednesday. [Narracin y estadsticas (28-27)].

Figueras, who had already shined in his debut against Germany, completed his best match with the national team at the Yoyogi National Stadium since his debut in 2016. Not only do you have to take into account his 10 goals, with just one error in the shot, but transformed by Gmez with his wit, quality and poise to force the final penalty.

“I don’t know very well how that last ball happened to me, but I knew I had to catch it and score a goal or penalize it,” conceded Nantes Dhuri, 6-0 every pick. problem solving defense Christian Burge.

The Hispanics needed more than five minutes to defeat Torbjörn Bergerud (1–4) for the first time, and those difficulties forced Ribera to change his initial plan and put two more direct players into the attack, such as Jorge Maqueda You Antonio Garcia. However, the improvement did not prevent Norway from losing the initiative on the scoreboard (13–14 at halftime).

Corrales, Decisive

The panorama changed completely at the start, thanks to a stop by Corrales, which facilitated the game in the transition and opened the first Spanish advantage (18–17, min 38 and 25–22, min 50).

At that time, the exclusion of alex duzhshebaev, before and dani sarmiento, shortly thereafter he allowed Norway to balance the game (27–27) at the start of the last minute. Ribeira’s defense was able to control the star sander sagosen (six goals) although he always suffered from speed and accuracy Magnus Joendel. Flensburg’s left wing, who scored nine goals, converted the penalty on Christian O’Sullivan For 27-27, only 34 seconds to go.

At that critical moment, Figueras took responsibility and only took an illegal action. Herald Renkind could have stopped him. The Macedonian referee did not hesitate to mark seven meters and Alex Gamez turned the total with ease.