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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Spain starts off with a painful win in the horn

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Spain starts off with a painful win in the horn

Valero Rivera’s men beat Germany 27-28 to take the first step towards the long-awaited medal.

Spain celebrating at the end of the match.AP
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The Spanish handball team began the way to the long-awaited Olympic gold, the only title the ‘Hispanics’ did not have in Palmarron, with a painful 27–28 victory over Germany in their debut at the Olympic Games.

their’s jordi ribera could not claim victory until the last second, when he saw how the final launch Philip Weber, with the clock already at zero, he climbed over the goalkeeper Gonzalo Praz de Vargas. The thrilling final which is better reflected by the prevailing similarity between the Spaniards and the Germans, two teams that have already met so many times in previous major championships that it is hard to be surprised.

This circumstance meant that victory was decided by small details, just minor nuances, with the Spanish team being more successful than their opponent in the final moments of the match. Spain He reached the last two minutes on the scoreboard (27-26) after avoiding the proceeds of three goals (16–19) at the start of the second half.

But if there is one Spanish player who seems to enjoy when things get more complicated, it is alex duzhshebaev, which again showed that his hand does not move at all at crucial moments. In fact, one of his whips took the ‘Hispanics’ just over a minute to level the competition (27-27).

But if Duzhashebav’s courage was original, it was nothing short of extreme. ferran solo, which allowed Spain to enter the last minute with possession of the ball after a foul in the attack Marcel Schiller. An exceptional defensive action that Alex Dujashebav certainly didn’t miss with a home-brand goal to put the Spanish team ahead on the scoreboard (27-28).

Spain prepared to defend their advantage during Fifty Eternal Seconds in which Germany played with seven field players after removing the goalkeeper from the court Andreas Wolfe. A numerical superiority that the German team could not take advantage of due to the leg-speed of the Spanish players, who ensured victory after winger ngel Fernández was forced to foul a new offensive.

But not so much the Spanish team could breathe which saw how Eduardo Gurbando Handed the ball to the opponent, giving Germany one last free-kick, which Weber could not take advantage of, this time already winning (27–28).