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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Sapporo is not Wembley: Olympics Spain does not run like European Championship

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Sapporo is not Wembley: Olympics Spain does not run like European Championship

The team, with five starts from the semi-final against Italy, starts off slow and draws with Egypt. A stick of Ceballos, the best until his injury, and a bullet from Mir, the only real danger.

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Olympic Spain is not run like the Eurocup. At least not in this early phase of the opening of the Games in Sapporo. The five who started in the semi-final against Italy also started in the first eleven. from source, in a team with very good footing, but low on fire. Before Egypt felt good Ceballos, a player who didn’t count luis enrique, who sent to the media and threw a baton before being injured, twisting his ankle. Their state is so concerned, if at all possible, that this first draw is not expected of a team that aspires of everything, to repeat the gold of 92, but will not be able to do so in its debut phase. He only heads to Madrid.

The first drawing of the national team gave a lot of strength to the midfielders, with Mikel Merino As a sole axle plus pedri u Ceballos As for the interiors, although Azulgrana on the reverse side. A lot of football brings these three players together, but the path that marks Spain’s new story is rapidly formed, with high ball speeds and vertical transitions when opportunity arises. Boss Luis Enrique says, even if it’s on the beach.

no meat, no fish

De la Fuente’s Sub 21 has a life of its own, but it cannot be separated from it, especially if it is structured around similar pillars: unai simnohandjob Eric Garciapedri, elm u oerzabali. One of the references in goalkeeper, a center back, midfielder and center forward. most columns. in addition to the following pau torres, who also started the most matches with Luis Enrique. After a draw against Japan (1–1) in preparation for the Games, comes another, already in the Olympic tournament, without a team first or a team resembling Asturian. No meat, no fish. bad business.

The Dominion was the result of hierarchy, which Egypt did not intend to question. Managed well, the Maghreb team squeezed two lines of five and four men to compress the blanks. command of all hegazik, one of the giants requested by the Egyptian coach, who also wanted to bring to the Games request.

Will Pedri and Elm cost?

So it was necessary for Spain to see them on the flank, where the flank should progress and provoke two-on-one situations, mingueza after this Asensio u miranda with Olmo. Azulgrana was injured as he started. bad business. The initially somewhat more active Madridista, as soon as Leipzig appeared, had nothing to do with their exciting end at Euro this debut. To spend, like Pedri? Now comes the questions.

Asensio, on the other hand, finds an opportunity to prove himself right in these games, knocking on Luis Enrique’s door and getting people’s attention. Carlo Ancelotti, before the new cycle starting in Madrid. The Balearic Islands have a lot to offer, so you’ll need to check their ambition by appointment. One shot in the first half, after a good triangulation between Ceballos and Mingueza, was too short before being substituted.

Ceballos finds himself in the same situation, but with involuntary stumping Tahir This left him battered and the next match against Australia in three days led to questions about his performance. If it goes higher, it will be a serious problem, as in the case of Mingueza, because in a small tournament like the Olympics, players cannot be replaced. He’s 22 years old and that’s as far as he goes.

Injuries and hasty exits

Vallejo was Mingueza’s relief, and moncayola De Ceballos, so Mikel Merino went in and his position was taken over by the Osasuna midfielder. The slow pace, which suited Egyptian interests, did not change in the second half. De la Fuente sought to replace the springs. they entered Rafa Meir, Carlos Soler u Brian Gilo. He wanted the overflow, center and a tank-striker up for auction, but prospects were hard to come by.

the only good center of miranda, finally came and the Egyptian goalkeeper blocked the shot from the Huesca striker. Vallejo or Carlos Soler were less close. Nothing in the game to reflect, not to dream. The Olympic tournament is going very fast and Spain has started very slowly, which left us at Wembley.

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