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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Sailing’s ‘Golden Juniors’: “They Tell Me I’m Crazy, But I Think We Come Back With Five Medals”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Sailing's 'Golden Juniors':

Flew to Spain four years ago with a generation built between barracks and hitchhiker in Bermuda. “Everyone tells me: What was your idea!”, says Jordi Zammer.

Xammar and Rodríguez, at a training session in Japan.edgar suReuters

“Mock, Mock, Mooq”, a van, a truck or an ambulance passed and five Spanish kids screaming at you, living the adventure of their lives. They were in Bermuda, one of the most expensive places in the world, and didn’t have a penny, but they didn’t care. They came to the island to compete in the Junior America’s Cup and, above all, to enjoy themselves. They were the only team that slept in military barracks offered by the organization, the only one who rented their boat to get a few euros, the only one who had hitchhikers to get around, but in that competition nobody had better. did not have time. It was 2017 and now, just four years later, five members of that group aspire to lift Spain at the Tokyo Games. Do you want to bet on five medals in one game? Be There. They are the ‘Golden Juniors’ of the candle.

I present to you: jordi zammer, in class 470; Diego Botany, on the 49er; Florian Trittel, in Nakra; Joan Cardona, in Finn; You Joel Rodriguez, in the laser. All are part of the entire history of selection, which is classified into 10 extant sections. They are all world champions, or runners-up, or World Cup Test winners. All are podium candidates. And they are all friends, close friends, so much so that the WhatsApp group they share is always first on the list, although each one is on one side of the world.

With whom to start? “First speaks Jordi”, “Jordi speaks first”, they are all claims, collected by EL Mundo—with the absence of Rodriguez—, and indicate who is the leader or, at least, the producer of the group. . Zammer, the owner of a thousand stories, such as the recent rescue of an injured hiker in the Sierra Nevada, was the one who recruited the rest to that madness of 2017 and that pushed them into new projects, such as the Spanish boat that would compete. It’s SailGP, something like Formula 1 of water.

Big man, businessman and ‘no’ banker

“Everyone tell me: What was your idea! And the truth is I’m proud, but not because of the results, but because they’re very, very nice people. They couldn’t be better partners, we’re the same in everything.” -Let’s help others. I knew we competed in Optimist since we were kids, but I had to phone calls about Joan and Joel, we barely talked. For example, Joan was only 18 years old was when she agreed to go to the Junior America’s Cup and watch it now”, says Zammer and now that Joan, Joan Cardona, is effectively the runner-up in the world.

Despite this, he was the last in the group to qualify for the Games and the cause of a mass conspiracy, after all Cardona was in front of the television so that no one was missing. “When Jordi called me to the Junior America’s Cup in 2017, I still didn’t win anything. He already sees me as good money, but I think it’s a risky one,” he says. The choice was there. Time proved him right, yes,” he reflects. Cardona, a 1.90-metre, 100-kilogram beagar that swims against the current. His boat, the Finn, is slow and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wants speed, flying boats, so his class will disappear after Tokyo. Despite his youth, he must recycle himself and know how he does it with his size. “After the games, let’s see. I don’t want to leave him at 23. Maybe I’ll try the laser”, lamented Cardona, and on the other side of the scale, Florian Trittel and his nerd.

From left to right, Cardona, Botton, Tritel and Zammer.

It is the IOC’s new favorite boat, as it competes with the mixed-tritail Tara Pacheco– And because it is phylia, that is, it glides on the water thanks to some springs. This is pure television show. “When we went to the 2017 Copa America Junior I competed Kite, but later they decided to take my class off the Olympic chart and I dropped out of the project. Shortly after, Tara called me, she had just run and we had prepared for the games. It was utopian, but we got the classification and here we are”, declares Trittel, born in Germany near Cologne, but living in Barcelona since the age of three. Graduated in ADE, he has is a company of components Kite This works wonders for him, and so is the group negotiator.

Although, by family tradition, of course, it must be someone else. Diego is Botton’s nephew anna botany, President of Santander, but his point is not deposits, mortgages or credits. “I have always been clear that the sea is mine, I never considered dedicating myself to banking,” he says. He wants to design boats like his uncle marcellino, a world reference in it. After his Olympic career, that is. Along with Zamar, he is the only person who has already participated in the Rio Games, although at the time they were just crosses. Now it’s podium or disappointment.

“We’ve managed to classify them all, but we can aspire for more”, predicts Botton and there it coincides with Zammer’s dream: “They tell me I’m crazy, But I think we come back with five medals, one for each. We are here. Ready for them, we can make history.”