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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ricky Rubio, Scariolo’s anger and two-pace Spain to start

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ricky Rubio, Scariolo's anger and two-pace Spain to start

“It’s 20 points and nine assists that Ricky does a lot in the NBA.” Coaches angry at the delay in getting players to be physically present after the game.

Ricky, after the game against Japan.FIBA

The warmth in the solitude and silence of Saitama Superdome, With juancho hernangmez The attendees, handing out balls and cheers to their teammates, imagined two things at the same time. A challenge to the Wolves, the franchise that owns their rights and which prevents them from playing these Olympic Games. But there is also an example of the power of this human group, which transcends what happens on the field. Juancho, for the moment, moves further in Tokyo, making others laugh, sharing confidence and Olympic thrills.

That “happy boy”, as in uncle, which everyone in Postgame was talking about. The character that helps a lot. Who grabbed the heritage of the people like Ricky Rubio, already in his third games and because he could not be in London. The premise that a 17-year-old picks up a McDonald’s hamburger and leads it to the rooms, now serious on the track, is the one who knocks on the door so that no one sticks to the sheets when the important thing comes, wins.

It was Ricky’s game, but it is no longer a coincidence with Spain. NS world cup mvp, who hesitated to even participate in the tournament and who has since experienced two seasons in the NBA, is back at the level of those days in China. He showed it throughout preparation – exceptionally his deployment against France in Paris, with 17 points in the final four minutes – and he showed it at the first exchange rate. Everything that happens on the track is somehow your brainchild. And more recently, even the points he didn’t use the most during his career.


Precisely because Ricky hasn’t had such a gleeful year, like the Sons, who have just played in the finals, after moving against his will from a team at the start of the season to Wolves. For those performance contrasts he asked pau gasoli, whose answer was almost as accurate as ever. “But Ricky does it with 20 points and nine NBA assists a lot. Fournier [verdugo de EEUU el domingo]There’s plenty in a 30-point game, too. I am not saying that they are excuses for the Americans, but I think these players probably have a more important role here and that is why they are able to play at such a high level. It is also true that playing for our country is a huge inspiration.”

It was clear when against Japan whether or not Ricky was on the court: 27 points difference. He also left precious actions before the local people, such as the penetration of jugglers. Now they touch two bones in front of him, no less Campazo and Doncio on Thursday on Sunday. His cornerstone will remain for Scariolo. The Italian acknowledges this publicly and in private, Ricky was always his base. And now, in conjunction with Sergio Rodriguez, even more dangerous.

It is worrying, that is, its absence. The two-faced Spain that preceded Japan. “The second unit, we have to improve further on the level of intensity, hardness and concentration. We have to maintain or increase the starting level, especially in the following games,” Pau asked.

By the way, the coach, who looked tired, gave a stern message at a press conference for FIBA, the organizer of the Olympic tournament. I didn’t even wait for questions. “We have to respect our players. It’s been 25 minutes from the end of the game until they put her feet on the ice. It’s extremely dangerous. Protocol must be changed,” he complained about the wait, too eternal for the press.