Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ricky Rubio honors Saitama

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ricky Rubio honors Saitama

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ricky Rubio honors Saitama

A reliable performance from the point guard (20 points, nine assists) gave the two-pace Spain their first win in games against Japan (77–88).

Rubio leaves Watanabe behind Marc Gasol’s block.FIBA

Spain trembling in tournaments, the initial doubts that later return to power and success, this time do not want fear, which was enough before the start of the Games. everything happened juancho hernangmez And its definite absence is nothing more than an incentive, one of those leitmotifs that national teams use to dominate the world. Before Japan, the display still on the retina Luka Doncic A while back in Saitama, Spain showed an edgy, but also some spring to adjust. [Narracin y estadsticas (77-88)].

The stage also helps, because 15 years have passed and so many medals, but nothing like that. Saitama is a magic word and the return deserves respect. who were from that World Cup – remained pau You Marc Gasol, Rudy You uncle– And those who will come later. Specially Ricky Rubio.

Because it was the first unit out of reach for locals, who would most likely miss the warmth of the grandstands of the impressive stage. alberto abalde He has been chosen to replace the irreplaceable Juancho, for the time being. However, a game of 7-16 was going to be a good miss. Because I got a little grease in the chain during the trip to Spain.

pau and Garuba There’s an experiment to work on now, worse still Chant, Whom scariolo I already warned that you will have to spend minutes searching. Three giants is too many. Japan fell from the hands of its two NBA, Hachimura and Watanabe. And the courage of the man who doesn’t lift 1.70 meters, yuki togashio. At the start of the second act, the Japanese equalized (26–26). But then everyone was about to fly.

0-19 partial

Scariolo wanted no more doubts. He returned the quintet to the track and Spain demolished the team in the blink of an eye in a terrifying partial, 0–19. Julius Lamas. At halftime, maximum till then (28-48). Ricky, again, dressed in red with the confidence that elevated him to the last World Cup.

The second part was pretty much the same, with a good start –Abrines Abalde was converted to a quintet – and later a bass. Scariolo did not like some of Madrid’s Galician strongholds and sent them to the bench for the newcomer. Erstegui. Japan came close again (59-69) and, above all, to sow bad feelings.

Because without the flow, everything suddenly becomes like those lazy parties that infect long faces. Like, without going too far, the first leg of the last World Cup, three Guangzhou games. The result was not in danger, but it turned out that the second unit does not yet have fuel. That’s what Ricky was though, for everything: 20 points, nine assists…