Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Richardson wants to be Nemaro

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Richardson wants to be Nemaro

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Richardson wants to be Nemaro

The Everton striker defeated Germany by a hat-trick and the current Olympic champions Brazil stands as the leader.

Richarlison celebrates one of his goals.EFE
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Richardson I want to be neymar, of absolute beacon Brazil, a condition that recently America’s Cup He was denied the PSG striker’s home appearance and in these games it corresponds to the number 10 on his back, which means in Brazil, the whole country weighs more than two points. Richardson Neymar wants to be, choosing his witness as a national leader on the road to Olympic gold, the forbidden fruit that the five-time world champion finally managed to taste five years ago in Rio after decades of despair.

but it turns out that Richardson, in Brazil’s winning debut, which he emulates ronaldo. Germany in front and Yokohama under their feet, the rival and setting that sparked the 2002 World Cup final, in which the ‘Fenmeno’, the capillary visor on the forehead, announced his return to football’s elite with two winning goals. The last. The importance of neither the tournament nor the match is comparable, but further EvertonPerhaps – and with the permission of many Spaniards – the best footballer of the entire tournament, is still forging his own path. Scoring three goals in half an hour against Germany is a great stop-over station. Rafa Bentz, their new coach at Goodison Park, rubs their hands thousands of miles away.

The re-release of the previous Olympic final was, in essence, Brazil’s already victorious run. Richardson. The final result (4-2) does not respect what was seen in a match in which Germany was humiliated for several minutes by a much quicker, more intense and precise opponent, three great qualities of the game—and almost all of them . Rest on result, thanks for the triple Richardsonwas already 3-0 and could have been even heavier, because Brazil He even received a penalty in remission, which Cunha missed and was stopped by Mller, the most successful of the Germans.

Faced with the doubts displayed by Spain a few hours earlier, Brazil were established as a great favorite to sleep in Yokohama, already equipped with consolidated footballers like themselves. Richardsonhandjob douglas luizzohandjob Bruno Guimaraes u Diego Carlos and captained by experienced Dani Alves. Only his relaxation during the second half allowed the resurgence of a Series B Germany, with so many richness u pain. The 3-2 didn’t even give the Europeans the feeling of being able to scratch at least one point. Paulinho, in remission, rebalances the scoreboard and emotions.

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