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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: resin entreros or how to get out of there

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: resin entreros or how to get out of there

At the age of 41, he hasn’t lost a game in his entire season with Barcelona and continues to lead Spain.

Ral Entreiro in the last World Cup.EFE

When 2020 started, resin entreros He was one of those people who got stuck in the middle of the pandemic. A close step, just a few steps, but you already know that there is no easy move. from the center of attack barcelona I was about to go to the club’s offices as the manager of mine, but oh! The coronavirus forced him to make a decision: to either retire from home or continue for another year.

“And I didn’t hesitate much. I couldn’t retire off the couch without games,” confesses who never took extra time lightly. One would think that at 41 years old, with three champions, a World Cup or two Europeans, the pre-Olympic months were a formality for him, a nice walk until the end date, but quite the opposite. this season, entreros He delivered some of the most lucrative performances of his career and in terms of results, his best ever. In fact, it’s that they couldn’t be better. Impossible.

With Barcelona he played 61 matches and won all 61 and won six titles: Champions, Esobel League, King’s Cup, Super Cup, Esobel Cup and Catalan Super Cup. With Spain he reached the semi-finals of the World Cup and there he lost to Denmark by one goal, although this is something that could be improved upon in the next two weeks in Tokyo.

The question is clear: can one walk away with those numbers? Well it can, of course it can. “That’s it. I’ve enjoyed the last few months because I know they’re over. Now I expect to compete for something important only until the last second,” he confesses. depends on. Despite his age and the many variables used by the selector jordi ribera, Spain continues to dance to its comps, with the absence of more Joan Callas from a muscle injury. Play the deciding minute and he’ll do it like the rest of his generation who give up: Julen Aguinagalde, Viran Moros, Gayden Guardiola Or dani sarmiento, with the dual inspiration of goodbye and redemption.

Being absent from the Rio Games continues to be a pain for this group and only a medal will act as a pain reliever. The road to this is extremely complicated. Whereas on the other hand the lower level teams such as Japan, Egypt or Bahrain were placed, with Spain they would fight for the first four places. Germany (Saturday at 9:15 a.m.), Norway, France, Argentina You Brazil. No opponent will give the brakes, however, yes, that wind can hit the crossroads and that means in the Olympic Games…

“We should focus on our work, which we can control. The important thing is not to rival, it is to play our best game, which has driven us to win great championships,” he insisted. entreros With your usual quiet speech. A year later than expected, he’ll switch shorts for suits, but first, as he’s been doing all season, he wants to continue to pursue his career.