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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Pure teenage talent Adriana Cerezo wins first medal for Spain

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Pure teenage talent Adriana Cerezo wins first medal for Spain

At the age of 17, a month after an excellent selectivity, the taekwondo player reaches the final (2.30 pm) and will face number one, Thai Panipak Wongpattankit.

Adriana Cerezo celebrates her victory in the quarterfinals.Murad SejerReuters

“Quick, Adriana!” A sprawling convention center on the outskirts of Tokyo, Makuhari Messe Hall rumbles, but Adriana has already kicked her in the face before Adriana screams to her ears. Rivals in the semi-finals, Turkey rucite yldrim, who does not understand what has happened (39–19). It so happened that Adriana, Adriana Cerezo, I was born for it. It so happened that Adriana, Adriana Cerezo, is about to become a legend.

Count Thaio in the absence of the final tonight panipak wongpattankit (2:30 p.m.), At 17, Cerezo already has an Olympic medal, it remains to be seen whether it’s gold or silver.

And, despite the absurdity of the achievement, it is not the best. Cherry enters the huge enclosure where he is going to fight and laughs. He climbs onto the mat and laughs. He beats his opponent in a new, inventive, strange stance and laughs, laughing profusely. The best part of his performance is the feeling of enjoying himself, something unusual in contact sports, something that is contagious. His creativity, his ability to attack with both feet and his range of motion amaze even the untrained eye, but Anand is his best weapon.

“Quick, Adriana!”, the technicians in Japan shout at him – his coach was not called, he is in San Sebastian de los Reyes – and he quickly resolves the fight, as he hastened the previous one. Won. In the round of 16 she defeated Serbian Tijana Bogdanovy, the current Olympic runner-up, and in the quarterfinals she defeated Chinese Wu Jingyu, Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, until she was already 33–2 on the scoreboard. , opted to retreat.

A13 in selectivity

“I’ve had a great time, I had a great time,” he admits at the end, still amidst gasping, and I don’t need to say it: It’s obvious. Cerezo of Alcal de Henares, who fell in love with martial arts watching Bruce Lee films with his grandfather, overcoming his parents’ misconceptions about fighting, who took a few years to love the competition , is already the first medalist in Spain. in the Olympic Games. Before starting college, passing 13th in Selectivity and just a month and a half after enrolling in Criminalistics, he has already reached the peak that so many are longing for.

The time there is uncountable right now. When she was declared absolute European champion in her first participation in April, it was already seen that something extraordinary was happening, the event was confirmed in May when she won the Pre-Olympics and is now at the Tokyo Games. , Cerezo is history. “Hurry up, Adriana!” And so soon.