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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Paula Badosa pulls out of Games in wheelchair due to heatstroke

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Paula Badosa pulls out of Games in wheelchair due to heatstroke

The Spanish began to dominate against Vondrosova (3-1), but the 38-degree temperature beat her. I also left mixed doubles with Cario and there would be no substitute partner

Paula Badosa retired in a wheelchair.Seth VenigoAP
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The sun kills all the tennis players in Tokyo Bay, where Pablo Carrio spends the morning after winning first – he is already in the quarterfinals – and chases him. Daniil Medvedev, victorious, also undone. “I’m tired, I don’t know what I’m saying,” admits the Spaniard and the Russian continues: “I began to see little black dots. Between point and point I no longer knew what to do The heat has to be reduced.”

The Tokyo Olympics, which had moved the marathon and athletic march to Sapporo to avoid fears, did not think that in tennis they would force dozens of athletes to compete in the afternoon with a thermal sensation of 38 degrees and that factor, Only he can spoil this tournament. Paula Badosa became the biggest victim this Wednesday. After an excellent start against the Czech Marketa Vondrosova (1–3 in the side) she began to feel bad and she kept losing, until she had to withdraw by the end of the first set (6–3). . Extremely hot, he barely walked the court and, in his steps on the bench, found no solution: neither drank water, nor threw it over his head, nor placed an ice-cold towel on it… Just nothing.

In the end he admitted that it was impossible to play and volunteers took him in a wheelchair with his coach to the changing room, Xavier Martin, and captain of the Federasin Cup, anabel medina. There doctors treated her and she tried to put on make-up, although she also left the mixed doubles she was going to play with Cario. Within minutes, a few minutes of sunshine, Spain lost two clear medal choices.

Muguruza Alternatives

Due to his solid time on the Japanese slopes, Badosa appeared as one of the medal choices for Spain. Start with a comeback against the French Mladenovic (6-7, 6-3, 6-0). got rid of the polish SWITEK In the second round (6-3, 7-6). and rolled over Argentina podoroska (6-2, 6-3), before meeting vondrosova, who left the women’s tournament icon on the way: Naomi Osaka.

With Badosa ruled out of the tournament, Spain now only has the option of Garbi Muguruza in the women’s draw. They will face Kazakhstan this Wednesday RybakinaLooking for the semifinals. The same shore that Badosa was looking for, abandoned by the suffocating Japanese heat.