Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: One stroke and one slope angle in Pontevedra, a Caribbean island: The secret to Tokyo by Javi Gamez Noya

The Galician details his conscientious preparation for his final games at age 38 to EL Mundo. David Castro and Victor Benzes, praising their ‘sparrings’, “helps quality people bring out the best in themselves”

Gamez Newa during a training session in Cozumel.World

still have to Xavier Gamez New Enough fire to send the last Olympic dance. A year later than planned, for so many veterans in their retreat mission, it’s yet another obstacle. captain He interrupted his logical move to the longer distance—his debut at the Hawaiian Ironman in 2018—to largely say goodbye to the specialty that made him eternal: a five-time world champion and silver in London 2012. A challenge – at 11:30 a.m. Spanish – with Kante at the age of 38 and in his absence in Rio de Janeiro. A challenge that required extra dedication. And, what a matter, he went to find her in a paradise.

cozumele It is an island in the Caribbean, not far from Cancun, opposite Playa del Carmen. It is synonymous with diving, but also with the triathlon, which the Ironman 70.3 is famous for. After a winter period in Lanzarote, Gemez Noya established its base there to fully prepare for the challenge of the game. He took his entire army into two concentrations of about a month: the first in April – he was crowned with Win at the Challenge de Cancun-, and another just before the trip to Japan. There was no shortage of reasons. He called it ‘The Sauna’.

“It’s a very tough place to train from heat and humidity, but that’s what we’re going to find in Tokyo”, admits EL Mundo from Pontevedra. We want to optimize, do some tests and draw conclusions. And on the other hand, we have good conditions for training there, good facilities are available and everything we need,” he added.

Along with his wife, the triathlete also Anneke Jenkins, his coach is with him, Carlos Prieto. and two luxury sparrings, Victor Benzes and David Castro. They were also joined there by Mexicans. crisanto grazales. “It was about getting three or four training partners together who could give me a hand and create a good atmosphere. We’ve trained for three sessions every day,” admitted Xavi, who travels with him. Appreciate the efforts of those who do. “It always helps to have high quality guys like David. Or Victor, who’s always a little bit higher than me at swimming. They help you get the best out of yourself,” he praises.

Heat and humidity – Spaniards will use a special headband with ice designed by Australia to lower body temperature – await in Tokyo Bay, in a test that begins at 6.30 a.m. local time. temperature rise That the technicians of ITU (International Federation) have studied that it happens from 9 am. This was one of the great reasons for the campaign. Plus Cozumel’s flat highway, ideal for cycling training, trails for running, and crystal clear water (and pools) for swimming.

Those journeys haven’t been the only secrets captain. The imprisonment helped him to know himself even more. In the absence of competitions, it is always good to go back to the original. “We take this opportunity to work on technical issues, swimming and running. SkippingTry to strengthen the ankle, gym, prevention … Improve the details that can give you little without being so demanding on a physical level. It was not a time of training very hard,” he recalls.

Gmez Noya’s team, on a trip to Cozumel.

Noya, an exceptional swimmer, found miles of genius passion for making his strokes more effective. “Grip angle issue, the first drive, it will be more efficient. Because your elbows tend to drop, especially when you’re tired from training for other sports. Maintaining those good technical habits in swimming, which can be difficult to maintain as your body becomes more specialized in running and cycling”, he confesses.

And ah the result. Xavi finds himself completely satisfied, more satisfied than ever, even though he knows that his name may no longer be among the first candidates for gold as before. But who believes in a legend? “There’s a hill in Pontevedra they’ve always entered. A few weeks ago I had the best time ever. and a good 1,500m test. I am at a good level. “They are warned.

Noya is swimming in the waters of the Caribbean.World