Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Nico Shera's despair amid tears: goodbye to one of the most obvious golden options for Spain!

The current world champion fell in the quarterfinals, Igolnikov succumbed, and also in the play-offs for the match against Uzbek Bobonov.

Sherajadishvili after losing the quarterfinal match.Alberto EstevezEFE
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In the majestic Nippon Budokan, Nikoloz Sherazadishvili ROmpy in tears of rage and helplessness seconds after losinghandjob Like he had realized in that very moment that everything was over. Dejected in defeat that left him without the gold the world champion was looking for; Not even a bronze could save Tokyo by falling in repechage.

great day of sherazadishvili He turned in his third fight already in the afternoon in Tokyo. There was a Russian waiting for him, with Vitola of the ‘Black Beast’ in front, Mikhail Igolnikov: he had defeated him in six of his last eight matches. Like his previous two bets, the Spaniard was found to be cautious, always looking for the best possible catch before embarking on an adventure. But seconds before everything headed towards Golden Point – as he had resolved in goal 16 against Gontullga and in the quarter-finals against Marcus Niemann – came deadly action.

Igolnikov managed to suffocate (Okuri-eri-jime) Shera – she had previously received two punishments (shid) – ‘slept’ dangerously on tatami. He had to undergo treatment to regain consciousness. A withered eponym that in the blink of an eye ended the Tiflis giant’s golden dreams, months and months of preparation.

Because later, in the play-offs, he was not as usual, as his aura of double world champion declared (2018 and 2021). He turned out to be very determined, angry, who is purely calm from the mat. But, again in the golden score, he succumbs to a wasa-ari Davlat Bobonov, the same opponent who finished in the final of the World Cup in Budapest a month earlier.

Then the tears of a giant.

After the postponement of the Games, Shera had decided to reset. The start of the year for the world number one player was doubtful. In European, in April, he suffered a good blow, the first exchanges with the Dutch declined jesper smink, quite surprising. The reason was the corona virus which had just happened and which weakened it. In February, even after overcoming an ankle sprain, he won a silver medal at the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv.

But it was in Budapest in June when his options became stronger again, with his second world throne, a milestone. Against Bobonov in the final … no Spaniard had ever won two world golds in judo. With that done she went to her first Games in Tokyo, where her fellow judokas were not doing well (the same Wednesday she finished in the first exchange). mara barnabus)

The failure of Sherazadishvili deepened the curse of Spanish judo, a sport that used to be successful in the 1990s (three golds, one silver and two bronze), but has since become a bronze. isabelle fernandez In Sydney 2000 he does not know what to achieve on the Olympic podium.