Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Mireia Belmonte’s fourth place and a hope: Crawl

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Mireia Belmonte’s fourth place and a hope: Crawl

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Mireia Belmonte's fourth place and a hope: Crawl

The Spaniard remains 23 cents from the podium in the final of the 400 styles, a slow run that gave him unexpected choices. His great final post in freestyle, boosts his confidence for the 800 and 1,500.

Mireia Belmonte after the final of the 400 styles.EFE

“I know I’ve completed the Fast Crawl and I’ve passed two. Now I have to take advantage of that card.” miria belmonte I wasn’t happy, champions without fruit are never happy, but if there’s anything that sets them apart, it’s that they rise. The Spaniard doesn’t make it far from a pit, as she arrived in Tokyo without hope after two years of injuries, and now she has one hope: the last post that left her 23 centsima of bronze in the 400 styles. It was the crawl, freestyle, that he should have used in the longer distance events: 800 and 1,500. “Erase and new account. Go for them!”.

“I feel like I’ve put up a good fight despite not getting in the best shape possible. The truth is that If they told me two months ago that I was going to finish fourth, I wouldn’t believe it“After the final, assured the swimmer, who thought only of leaving the Aquatic Center and resting to prepare for the 1500.” To rest, to rest … “.

Injuries hit the muscles, but never the soul. Miria knew this, she was convinced that after qualifying easily in the semi-finals, few chances remained in her competition, where she advanced. katinka hoszu, Tokyo’s big loser. Now he dominates the scene, something that costs him time, frustrating opening steps through the Olympic stalls, as in Beijing, but Ro’s gold in the 200 kites gave him a mastery of the tables. In Tokyo they put it in value. Fourth place doesn’t shine, but it has weight. One swimmer in 30, one champion.

They separated her 23 cents, although by a lesser margin, only two, she was the champion in RO, where she took bronze in the same final she finished fourth in Tokyo. The styles, then, have not varied much in their position, but have been there in time. So, 4:32.39; Now, 4:35.15. With less demand, it’s just as competitive. There are medals in the hundredth water. Tenth, an eternity.

slow end

The final was faster than usual, like all those played at the Aquatic Center in Tokyo, except for the world record of 4×100 (3:29.69), with which Australia began their attack on Tokyo. In most cases, the finals had a worse timing than the semi-finals, the result of some play earlier in the morning due to broadcast demands in the United States. They want him in their ‘prime time’. Who pays the most, rules. It was the case of the same final in the men’s section, which was dominated by Younger brother Of Michael Phelpsmilf american Chase Kaliszo.

Miria, an expert, knew she had a chance for it. However, it was not meant to be a fast race. He went from the butterfly post to fifth, dropped on the back to sixth and started going up at the breaststroke. I finished it fourth. free bronze was the final assault on the hunt, but recent flicker I didn’t allow it. The American opted to finish in 4:34.90. The Spanish, in those 4:35.15, nearly four seconds (4:31.21) from his national record.

generational change

Both winners are far from Japanese ohshi yui, unopposed to win in 4:32.08. However, Miriya resists better than Hoszu, a generational mate. The Hungarian, with a world record (4:26.36), did not miss the final of the 400 styles from London. In Tokyo, he was dropped from the podium. A symptom of generational change that Miria resists, for now.

Below awaits you with better sensations than those who brought it and who were declared by its coach, Fred VernouxAlthough the specific character never reveals everything, he always keeps a few cards safe. It is to be hoped that the best wait for the 800 and 1,500, although the competition, especially in the first test, was privately protected. Katie Ledecky, it can be more than 400 styles. Fourth-place former Spanish athletes were called the “chocolate medal”, but this time it is not dark chocolate.