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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Martin Lepez-Zubero, American who put Spain on top of swimming

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Martin Lepez-Zubero, American who put Spain on top of swimming

Lpez-Zubero celebrates his gold medal at Barcelona’92.World

Second gold medal for Spain in the Games of Barcelona ’92 came, on July 28, Back in 200, going hand in hand with someone born in the United States. From a stylish guy named 1.88 and 73 kg Marten Lepez-Zubero, who spoke Spanish with an American accent and whose Christian name was pronounced there, professionally and orthographically distinguishing it from the pronunciation: Martin.

Marton Lepez-Zubero Purcell, born April 23, 1969 in Jacksonville (Florida), a history student at the University of Gainesville, was the son of an Aragon ophthalmologist who moved to the USA in 1955 and who played basketball in his youth. Played CN Helios Zaragoza (CN de Club Natsin). his brother davidMoscow, from the fifth of ’59, had a bronze Olympic medal at home in the 100 butterfly in ’80. and his sister julia, ’61 vintage, ahead of the Olympics in Russia, also won in 1978 Natalia Masso, 100 meters freestyle at the Spanish Championship. Thus, both became the first Spaniards to swim the hectometer below the minute, with the same time (59.5).

Wandering across two worlds, neither of the three brothers had given up their birth, education and residence, regardless of their Spanish nationality. Martin claimed her more often. By one’s penance, which, by its predominant position in the aquatic ladder, compels one to reinforce it with words more or less than deeds.

And so I endorsed the ad in front of the surprised, curious or malicious international press after sleeping in those 200 benches in which it enjoyed unanimous favoritism. He was the world record holder (and champion) of the event (1:56.57). Also champion of Europe. From the very beginning, he established a time gap between himself and his rivals, which could be considered a guarantee. And that margin of safety earned him the victory in the end. Canned, Martin finished fifth for the 100 and 150 metres.

swim under water

But when he left with almost no fuel consumed, others pulled it stockpiles. Also taking advantage of its ease for underwater swimming, it already took the lead in the last lap and stopped the clock in 1:58.47. Although an Olympic record, not much for him. too much for the rest, even for the Russian (unified team) Vladimir Selkovo (1:58.87) and Italian stefano batistelli (1: 59.40).

The victory of Lpez-Zubero is one of the most important in the history of sport in our country. It was the first time that a Spanish swimmer won a gold medal in one of the three most important sports, along with athletics and gymnastics. Still thinking about it reflects the infallibility of Nicaraguan deeds.

Martian-Martin was the product of genetic and environmental coincidence of the two planets. a synthesis. A synergy too. In his own way, and although at the turn of the 20th century, he was also a pioneer.