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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Mara Vicente, the ‘girl’ who wants to explode in Tokyo: “Without an audience I focus on myself”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Mara Vicente, the 'girl' who wants to explode in Tokyo:

The untimely champion opens in an unusual Olympic event to continue learning, but without leaving anything behind.

Mara Vicente in the triple jump of the World Indoor TourJuanzo MartinEFE

U18 world champion in Nairobi, best junior world record in indoor track and absolute Spanish record holder in his specialty, the heptathlon, Mara Vicente (Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2001) is ready to face its first Olympic Games. From Barcelona to Tokyo, passing San Sebastian, where he went to train ramen sidoVicente is one of the references of our new generation of athletics. Humble but courageous and with her whole life ahead of her, watch this unusual date with the enthusiasm of a girl who already wants to play in the Senior League, the place she is called upon to truly shine. He admits that he is still in the learning phase, but he leaves nothing behind. Once at the Games, he says, “It’s time to dream in Tokyo.”

How have the games traditionally been organized in your home?
The truth is that my mother loves sports and I have been in love with sports since childhood. The first ones I remember very well were from London 2012 and I didn’t remember anything. I remember I was on vacation with my friends in my city and whenever I used to play some athletics I would leave them and go home. He always said to me: “But what are you doing, Mara?”
You have become an athlete in front of the television from that girl everyone is watching. When did you realize you could make that change?
I’ve always done athletics because I love it and I have a great time with people. Athletics makes me happy. I know it’s true that when I became U18 World Champion it started to fall apart. I loved to pass the time, but I figured that if I managed to get there by doing that, I might be trained to repeat it and be able to stay full class on the podium, too.
Life is seen differently with world records…
The truth is that I do. Once you do, you realize that you have achieved something that no one else had achieved and you start wondering if others had come, why not me.
Already in Tokyo, what does it take to change from being one of the people covered to being in the spotlight?
Personally, it’s something I love, I don’t mind doing interviews and being very present in networks or commercials. It catches my attention and there are probably people who feel pressured, but I’m the opposite. If people are paying attention to me, it is because they are supporting me. It’s a good thing for me and I don’t take it as a negative thing, I just take it the other way.
Do you feel like you are living too fast?
It is true that I made a sudden change and I have maintained the results. There are seven races combined and I’m improving a lot in some but in others I haven’t reached my full potential yet. I’m growing but I haven’t yet had the bounce I think might come.
What score can I still improve to stay at the level of the favourites?
Combination trials are long term and there are some that are very technical. You need many years to learn how to organize what you are learning and to internalize it. When something goes wrong in a competition the hard thing is to face it, because you have to keep going or even know how to stay focused if everything is going well.
How do you access these games in games?
I lack experience, years of learning and a lot internal, but I come across at a very good level. It’s not my turn to fight for medals, I hope I can be in Paris or Los Angeles. You don’t need to miss anything, but I’m going to fight for the final position and climb as high as I can.
With the COVID situation, everything will be new for everyone. Could the audience crunch also come in handy?
Yep, the fact that they’re not game as usual can be an advantage to me. That the stadium is not looking at you and waiting for you allows me not to put so much pressure and be like me.
Those are his first games and he has changed his coach too.
Yes, Raman and I started working only a year ago and we had a lot to learn from each other. The main aim was to qualify, but as he himself told me, “we are classified but we are not satisfied with it, we are going for everything”.
What will he have to do to be on the podium?
I think a lot of things should happen. Obviously I want to do well and it is true that it takes seven Tests to do good or bad at United. I know I’m clear that in my strong tests like 200 and odds, I can’t waver. Afterwards, I have all the other subjects to try to scratch the marks. We have come here and it is time to dream.

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