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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Luka Doncic debuts at the Games with an exhibition to remember in beating Argentina

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Luka Doncic debuts at the Games with an exhibition to remember in beating Argentina

Basketball / Argentina 100 Slovenia 118

The Mavericks knocked out the world runner-up in Saitama with 48 points, 11 rebounds and five assists. It is the pinnacle of his career, seven behind Oscar Schmidt’s record.

Doncic, during the game against Argentina.FIBA
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Fueling that absurd debate between FIBA ​​basketball and the NBA, it was still fresh to stumble upon USA team night at Saitama Arena. As if they were different things. Soon Luka Doncic Showed that talent does not matter, that baskets are loved by the chosen ones. And in these games in which he debuts, he chooses the supreme star.

It was his first day of Olympic class. It would take so long that I already showed up, but Luca is still 22 years old. He, a lone hero, led Slovenia to a pre-Olympic appointment, taking the thorn in his absence at the World Cup. Before the Lithuania of Sabonis and ValencianciIn Kaunas, the Dallas player finished with 31 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists. never seen And the same historic victory as at the 2017 European Championships.

Because what is around him in Slovenia is not much, having already retired from the national team goran dragik. But Luca has the quality of being able to make others believe and develop. Charisma Transition. In addition to producing in an impassable way. Prepelic, Cancar, other Dragic and nationalized Mike Tobe—the new Anthony Randolph—the pivot of Valencia. Together, at Olympic dawn, they rocked the world runners-up without any embarrassment.

Skola, Historic

no less than argentina Campazzo, Deck and a Scola Joe enters the select club of the fifth games at the age of 41. Poorly plucked, lost already at halftime, when Doncic added 31 points. In the third quarter he fell to 30, pure helplessness. Luca, the magician, dominated as it was missed and signed a work of art: 48 points, 11 rebounds and five assists.

It was the highest score in his career, the second in the entire history of the Olympic Games. 1988, legendary Oscar Schmidt scored 55 against Spain. Doncic was on his way when his technician, Alexander Sekulik, gave him more than four minutes to go. Everything has been sentenced and the games have just begun.

It was amazing to see how Slovenia retreated and Argentina slowly came back, with each break from the former Madrid player. But the monster returned and despair again. Not even Campazzo (21 points), who knows him so well, couldn’t do anything. Barely make-up in the end, Albiceleste also lost weight due to its lack of success (5 out of 31 in triples).

Both are Spain’s next rivals. The good news is that this beating touched Argentina because, moreover, with a change in the system – the two best third-party passes and then there will be a draw for the quarter – that’s all that matters. The bad news is that there will be a very powerful and self-confident opponent in front. That would be next Sunday.