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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ledecky is human: lose, win and cry in 89 minutes

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Ledecky is human: lose, win and cry in 89 minutes

The American falls to Titmus again from the podium in 200, but makes up for his loss in 1,500. Close to world record, British dominate a great 4×200 relay

Ledecky cries after 1,500.Patrick B KramerEFE

Gold is like chocolate. It can be the most desired and at the same time the most bitter. this is the gold i won Katie Ledecky 1,500, the medal that melted the soul of this lady of steel in tears, just two hours after she was knocked out of the podium in 200. losing first place before inheriting her scepter as the Games’ female star, Ariane Titmus, it was supposed to be something. Not touching any metal, on the other hand, shatters calculations that might have already made her the swimmer with the most medals in Olympic history in Paris. He is the unfinished champion, the most humane Ledecky.

Ledecky was fifth in the 200, a position in which he had already passed the turn of the 100. Strange in American, he was never in contention. Prepared to beat Titmus, unlike his departure in the 400s, he didn’t feel as confident in the 200s or it is possible that he had already tried to reserve forces for the final of the fund’s longest trial. thought about what he would have to face later. The only thing for certain is that he suspected, a novelty in American.

It took 98 minutes for her to feel champion again, the time elapsed between her departure from Poets in 200 and coming over the wall in 1,500, where she did exactly what she wanted in the first Test: a game on fire in water. In the first 100, he already had an advantage over his pursuers. Thereafter, he began swimming about three-tenths below the nearest group. In the first third of the test, when you turn your head, you don’t see your opponents. Peace. The victory was his. Back, another race.

In the longest trial, the American has unquestionably retained its ancient preserve in Tokyo, however, far from its own world record (15:20.48). He finished in 15:37.34, but made the mark directly below that in the semifinals in which he sank. miria belmonteNever mind, not this time. The peak of his career has passed and now he has to manage the plateau. She is 24 years old, six years younger than the best Spanish swimmer, but the precociousness comes to swim like a wave and take everything she finds.

Among those who have come is 20-year-old Titmus. In Tokyo, she has confirmed that she is the new female reference in swimming, with two very qualitative golds in the 200 and 400 freestyle, in addition to what she could add to the relay. The Australian confirms one trend, and it is that past Olympic champions have doubled distances. ro, katinka hoszu, was never in contention, by and large, and so it happened Federica Pellegrini, who say goodbye to these games. The Italian’s record is within reach of Titmus, whose victory, along with an Olympic record (1:53.50), once again thrust his coach into the stands, but this time somewhat more restrained. The pulse, this time, was not with Ledecky, but with the surprising Siobhan Bernadette Haughey, From Hong Kong.

The exploits of Titmus and his compatriots are going to settle the swimming medal table for the United States, which awaits entry into a barrage. Caleb Dressel At Tokyo Pool, followed by a gold aperitif in free 4×100. He did not participate in the long relay and his compatriot was dropped from the podium, in a test that set a world record thanks to an extraordinary British quartet. Dressel is a runner, but there were several people, including Michael Phelps, now a commentator, who got their hands on the 4×200.