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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Jaime Mateu, From Prison Sentence to Games: “I Was in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Jaime Mateu, From Prison Sentence to Games:

The skater was tried last year for brawling at a bar in Gijon and found guilty of resisting power. “As a kid I was a hooligan, skating saved my life,” he says.

Matu, ahead of the 2019 World Cup, in Brazil.Sebastiao Moreiraworld
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“When I started we were all lower-middle class, we didn’t have a penny, we only had skating. Skating saved my life. As a kid I was like, well, I was a barbarian , and if I don’t go ahead and know where it ends.”

way of Jaime Mateau (Palma, 1995) The many celebrations leading up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, trips around the world, crowds of friends, agreements with sponsors … and other episodes are difficult to explain. But let’s go to the beginning.

“Study was never my big asset and when I was 17 I got a pleasure boat captain’s license to become a sailor and travel without money. The problem was that crisis struck. And since there was no way to find work There was no way and the only thing I was skating was I decided to go to a competition in Chiklana which I had saved. I just wanted to try, meet people, have a good time, but I I finished third, I won about 300 or 400 euros and with that I went to another competition in the Basque Country and then to another… I was put under a lot of pressure because I needed money to continue traveling, but Things were working out. My mother didn’t want me to skate, it was my grandparents who insisted that I leave, but in the end I almost always returned to Mallorca with the money,” a conversation sponsored by Eurosport In says Matu, who will offer full competition from Tokyo.

As a child he was a footballer like many others, but skateboarding suddenly emerged. With a strong physique – “not as thin as I break” -, he soon began to dream of impossible tricks and after a while began to do them. His videos in Palma and his victories in tournaments such as the Red Bull Bowl Rippers in Marseille brought him some popularity – he has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram today – although an episode before his qualification for the Games affected his career.

“Not everything is good in life”

Nine months in prison for a Mallorcan skater who resisted police, titled La Nueva Espa in February 2020 following a decision by the Provincial Court of Asturias on a one-night brawl in a bar in Gijon two years ago. Versions of what happened differ, but they all coincide in the presence of narcotics – Matu’s lawyer presented it as shaman -, in the aggravated arrest of a young woman who ran against two police officers -” I ignore the lack of these fucking pigs,” he groaned—and later at the intervention of skateboarders and others. At first the prosecutor claimed two years in prison for him for assault against Right, but ultimately denied that it had caused injury and convicted him of the offense of resistance to Right.

The still-actionable punishment cost him an image problem and, above all, led him to a reflection. Not everything can be good in life and people change. You stop being 18, just as you stop being 25. This is one of those things that happens when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, aim to turn the page.

His dreams now include gold for Spain at the Tokyo Games and, unlike other disciplines, to stop competing soon. In skateboarding, competition is often a way of looking, but the fun is usually about inventing a new trick in the pits with friends. So the atmosphere is usually calm and all the rivals are happy. However, according to Matoo, that is changing.

My dream is to make a living with a skateboard and live in peace without exposing myself to competitions. But skateboarding is not what it used to be, it is losing its essence, now it takes a lot of money… now there are kids with money who are starting to skate because their parents want to, here Even their parents force them, because there is business. It was not like this before. When I was a kid, I would fall asleep in the morning thinking about the skateboard and I would wake up thinking about the skateboard, remember who’s next danny lane u jalia benedetti Represent Spain in one of the five sports that make up the Olympics in Japan.

Jaime Mateu’s path to games saves everything. Now it is here.