Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Is Pedri in full swing to lead Spain?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Is Pedri in full swing to lead Spain?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Is Pedri in full swing to lead Spain?

The selections face a crucial duel after a poor start (0–0) against Egypt. Ceballos’ injury burdened Barca with the responsibility of leading the game against Australia.

Pedri during the match against Egypt.sylvia leftAP
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Argentina’s collapse (0–2) against Australia, combined with Spain and Egypt’s draw (0–0), made it the national team’s second game. luis de la fuente, this Sunday (12:30 Spanish time) in front of the oceans, unexpectedly in code. So neither of the two favorite players in Group C of the Olympic tournament is in the expected position. The first test comes earlier than expected, when, according to the coach’s words after the first match, at the Sapporo Dome, the ideal form may not have yet arrived with the best adaptation to time changes and humidity. Now is not the time. We have to win.

The situation demands the best, and these are the six footballers who played the Eurocup in full. They weren’t in the first game, a fact that opens up debate as to whether they’re in the best shape for this tournament or blame the effort made just three weeks ago. The game against Australia will throw more elements to the conclusion. The fact that the selection luis enrique Having such a youth profile presented an unusual dichotomy, an alternative to a technical and corporate decision on the part of the Federation. For some clubs this has been excessive.

If there was one footballer who was focusing on his call for the Olympics, it was pedriAfter a season in which he debuted with Barcelona and played as long as possible except one minute until the semi-finals of Euro, where he was named the best young player of the tournament. Ronald Komen, his coach in Bara was the first to complain, but other foreign voices also emerged, such as pep guardiola, which he considered two of his calls to be excessive and for an 18-year-old player.

Without Ceballos, More Responsibility

De la Fuente has given Pedri a gallon, how could it have been otherwise. In the match against Egypt, he kept them as a channel for Spain’s offensive, although his natural position was reversed, as well. Ceballos. The Andalusian was better, more active, but injury prematurely put him off the accident in Sapporo. His absence against Australia thus increased Pedri’s responsibilities, with none of Luis Enrique’s men at Euros being at the expected level until five starts in the semi-final against Italy and a possible six in eleven.

If this were a circumstance, Spain has enough merits to proceed, no matter how compromised the situation. If it’s a trend, Pedri as a symptom, is bad business. If Australia showed anything in its surprise win over Albisaleste, it is that it has a freshness that Spain did not show at the Sapporo Dome. be necessary.

De la Fuente has to decide whether to keep the block with the Euro players, or if he opts for a substitute, as he did in the second half. Brian Gilo Or rafa miro, overflow and finish. Everything indicates that the situation demands the greatest of experience, but experience without energy is of little use.