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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: IOC president admits there were doubts about Tokyo Olympics “every day”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: IOC president admits there were doubts about Tokyo Olympics

Thomas Bach explained that the IOC “decided not to express those doubts” because doing so “would have contributed to an atmosphere of uncertainty”.

IOC President Thomas Bach holds talks with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.Tokyo 2020Reuters. Through this
  • Alexander White “Not organizing the Games in Tokyo would have been a waste for the sport”

President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, This Tuesday acknowledged that there were “doubts every day” on the way to the Tokyo Games due to the pandemic, although the body decided not to make them public so as not to feed uncertainty about the event.

Bach spoke thus while presenting final report on preparedness The IOC’s 138 plenary session for the Japanese capital’s Games, which began in Tokyo this Tuesday, three days after the opening of Tokyo 2020 in a mixed face-to-face and online format.

The head of the IOC explained that the organization and the Japanese hosts were “faced with a choice at the start of the pandemic: Cancel or Postpone”, And said choosing the first option “would have been the easiest.”

But neither the IOC nor the Japanese host “Cancellation was never considered”, Said Bach, who said the international Olympic body “never gives up on athletes.”

The German acknowledged that those responsible for the Games “didn’t know how complicated it was going to be” to carry out the event amid a pandemic, something that had never been done before, and pointed out that only There was certainty “that it would be necessary to invest a lot more ms” to achieve this.

“Every day there were doubts, and many sleepless nights”. Like the rest of the world, we didn’t know what was to come tomorrow”, Bach admitted in his intervention before the plenary session.

The president of the IOC explained that this body decided “Don’t Express Those Doubts” Because doing so “would have contributed to an atmosphere of uncertainty”, skeptics “would have become a self-fulfilling prophecy” and the Tokyo Games “would have blown up.”

Chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, Seiko Hashimoto, He acknowledged the difficulty of the road to an Olympic event in the Japanese capital, as well as the “limitations” of some sports, which would be “very different” from previous events of the same type.

Despite all this, Tokyo 2020 wants “Revisit the Value of the Olympics and Reconnect All”, He proposed a new type of sport which he called the “Tokyo Model”.

japanese prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, Those who also intervened in the assembly, confirmed that “the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is already in sight”, and that the Tokyo Games will take place in this context.

“In most cases There will be no spectators in the stands. But the meaning of the Games will not be diminished”, Assured the Japanese leader, who stressed that the event should “show the unity of humanity”, offer “dreams and hopes” and “inspire young people”.

However, the IOC and the hosts will have the highest priority, “Make sure the games are safe” and “protect the health of participants and Japanese citizens”, as both Bach and Hashimoto insisted.

The Tokyo Games will take place in an unprecedented “bubble” format that includes an absence of spectators in the stands, a ban on the entry of foreign visitors into Japan and strict movement limits for all participants in the event.