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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Interview with Mario Molla: “People are surprised that I go up in the elevator”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Interview with Mario Molla:

“I’ve never been better,” says the Spaniard, who is looking for Abhishek’s gold this morning. He talks about his sobriety life, his investments in the stock market and his ‘allergies’ on social media.

Mario Molla after training.Gins Daz_Red Bull

Accept mario mole That at 9:00 pm he is in bed, that if he can lie down, he is not standing and that if there is an elevator, he never goes up the stairs. That the only luxury that has been allowed for a few years is to always travel in first class. He finds that rest is the best training session and nothing can be left to chance for a perfectionist like him, who will seek the Olympic gold that will consecrate him tonight at Odaiba Marine Park. He prepared himself with the triathlon’s ‘dream team’ at the height of Font Romeu (France).

Train with Joel Fillol’s group, the best in the world. are they spanish?
It’s been eight years for me and yes, we know each other a lot. But training you never go 100% and you don’t know for sure how you are or how your partner is.
And how is Mario Molla?
Well, at my best, at my best training. Despite the low competition and maybe that’s why it’s hard to say. But there’s nothing to make you think that I’m not in the best of times. It is easy to say the opposite. For my career progress and timing. Now it is time to wait for him to be out in the race.
He says that Guru Philol’s methods are not complicated at all…
The hardest thing they’ve achieved is finding a formula that works easily. Sometimes we try something new. Its main feature is to be able to manage such a competing group, that each has its place, and let’s add rather than subtract.
Can you enjoy that much discipline?
Training is still a job and for me it has been for a long time. There are times when you enjoy yourself more and when you don’t, because that just isn’t possible. As much as you love your job, there are days when you have to get it done. And suffering is not as pleasant as going out for a ride. Going out to play sports is different for us than going out on the train. Whoever makes sense in the end is able to compete well.
What do you ‘hate’ the most?
The more you enjoy, when you complete workouts from previous years, you see that you are able to perform 100% and you keep on improving. The hardest are restlessness, fatigue, fatigue… and we all have our favorite ways. In general, cycling or running is the easiest place to enjoy. For the environment, for the social part. Swimming you enjoy the days when you are good. But we’re not going to fool ourselves, enjoy, enjoy… I enjoy doing other things. They have been doing this for many years and you have to rediscover the illusion and desire that the passage of time is a punishment.
What aspects of your day-to-day would surprise a ‘normal’ employee?
This is a very temperate life. People are impressed by the importance of rest. This is our big advantage over an amateur athlete. When I’m not training, if I can lie down, I’m not sitting, and if I can sit, I’m not standing. People look at it and think, ‘Wow, a player should be the first to climb the stairs.’ And after training, I’m the first to take the lift. You are becoming aware of the importance of rest and recovery. And that’s where the improvement comes in. You improve not because of what you train, but when you imbibe it. If you beat yourself up and then start to tire yourself out, it’s not worth much.
When did your interest in finance arise?
I started studying civil engineering. And for obvious circumstances I had to leave it. Later on, ADE, and the world of finance, of the markets, of the way companies work, has always caught my attention. It is something that can be read anywhere in the world, something fundamental to us. And the best lesson is to get to work, I love investing, being aware of the risk involved. With knowledge and dedication it is more profitable than other things.
So are you doing well with your stock investments?
There will always be someone who will do it better than you. I am satisfied, I would not dare to say that they are successful.
Swimming until the age of 15, but after that has always been his weak point. Are you obsessed?
This is the way I’ve found the least convenience. From the X conditions, to the body, from the physiology… In my case, the ease I ran was never in the pool. I have continued to work, not obsessively, but trying to step forward. The most important thing is that more stability in water is obtained. Swimming in open water in a triathlon is a lottery. It is only insured for the top four or five. For the rest, the odds of starting at 12 or 32 is a poor start, a hit in the wrong place or a passing boy. Sometimes it doesn’t even depend on me.
How do you rate back at 38 in the games of Gamez Noya?
Having him is the reason for running a high level, you know he will always be competitive. Sports and triathlon are indebted to him a lot. And all of us who grew up with him are also achieving success.
Spain is missing out on the gold medal at the Games. Is it Mola’s turn?
It can happen without a doubt. I hope Xavi was silver in London, there was a small group in RO that was better than us. We have one more chance, here all three of us have shown that we are medal candidates. Let the race put everyone in their place.
Why not a lot on social networks?
I am a very normal person. If you weren’t a professional athlete, you wouldn’t have social networks. I like to not worry too much about what happens outside and focus on enjoying my day to day. By not publishing you are enjoying or doing what you love. I enjoy being close to family and good friends. And this is what to keep doing. A medal isn’t going to turn my social network into a day of constant action.