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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Interview with Alba Torrence: “Locked in the room for 14 days, I have lived beautiful moments”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Interview with Alba Torrence:

The women’s team star is facing her third game after missing out on EuroBasket due to an infection a few weeks ago. Spain will debut against Korea on Monday (3:00 am).

Alba Torrence during a preparatory match.February

There is no pain more intense than the pain caused by impotence. Locked in a hotel room in Valencia and later from the Fontetta Rostrum, he saw alba torrents placeholder image How his teammates collapsed during the recent EuroBasket. How those last seconds of hot balls that made the women’s team’s victorious final years smile so much – seven medals in the race – have now turned into tragedy. By whom were they set apart in detail? Serbia Medal and then likely by Russia too play next world cup. But, without a continuum solution, Alba is already – Tamara Abalde, infected with the other covid – ready for the next challenge. “Let’s go for it all”, he replies from his room in a villa in Tokyo, hours after his third Olympic parade.

How can a group recover emotionally from an EU coup in such a short period of time?
Well, here’s an undisputed captain who’s taken [Palau], by all means without a doubt [re]. It was a tough time for everyone, it was not the best of circumstances. We took perspective and saw that, once again, this team competed at the highest level. The win and loss line is very good and we were one point away from winning the European Champions. There were many things that were being done well. Now we present this to a new challenge.
Some of the smallest were touched.
But it’s not a thing for veterans to please them. It belongs to all of us, this is our strength. They are together many days and the strength is that there is always a hand on which to lean. A word of encouragement, energy to transmit. It’s the key on and off the track.
Are you hoping for a tight finish to catch that last ball?
I don’t think about the last or the first ball. I think about trying to get ready for the first game. All we want is victory.
What goes through your mind when they announce your transition a few days before EuroBasket?
Dolly, because I really wanted that EuroBasket at home. But I tried to zoom in a bit and see what was most important. With this pandemic and the pain it causes, all I really had to say was thank you for feeling good every morning.
How were they locked in a room for 14 days?
Inside a room, alone, I was living the most beautiful moments. I got a lot of energy, a lot of love. It is this unity that helps you the most. Then I tried to accept it and look forward. I tried to hold on to form, thinking about the games beforehand. I worked with an elliptical and some ribbon. It’s not the same, of course. But there were things that could be done.
Did you get angry at what was happening to your teammates?
He wouldn’t call it anger. I really wanted to get the result but you know the work behind it and despite the result there were many positive things shown on the track. You just want things to be good.
A few months ago they won their sixth Euroleague. With the selection, there are eight medals. How does hunger last?
Without thinking about what has been achieved. Feeling the confusion and the desire to compete again, doing one of the things I love the most, which is playing basketball. It is my responsibility to do my best on and off the court. I have the same confusion as 13 years ago when I was in Beijing.
He always put the national team ahead, even the WNBA. does he repent?
It was always the first. I am so grateful that I got the option to go to the WNBA. It’s a great experience, in the best league, with the best players in the world. This is a very personal decision, which I don’t think is good or bad. For me, on every occasion, I have always chosen to stick with 100% selection. If I had gone back, I would have said no to the WNBA again.
Carrera, Cazorla, Conde … there is a generational change. what a cheek.
They are a very important part of the team, they showed it at the European Championship. He showed his talent, but also a maturity that amazes me at his age. They are set to compete at the highest level, they have also shown this with their clubs during the season. It is important to talk about his talent, each one in his position, that too the nature with which he plays. It’s a pleasure to share tracks, an opportunity to learn from them.
How do you rate the return of Marta Zarge and the farewell to Anna Cruz’s selection?
He is remembered, it has been many years with him. All is affection, respect and admiration for Marta, Anna and Nicky [Laura Nicholls]. I know everything he has given and the way he has given.