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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: How many medals is Spain aiming for in these Games?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: How many medals is Spain aiming for in these Games?

Karateka and judoka Nikko Shera are the safest assets, but sailing and canoeing will again decide whether to cross 20 or not to reach 15.

This Spain is another. there follow the name of that golden age pau gasoli To salt craviotto, Of miria belmonte To lydia valentineBut the fate of the country will depend on its new icon at the Tokyo Games in the next 16 days. Those who have not yet been discovered by the general public, who have been preparing for their appearance for five years. One fact can be terrifying, if one is inclined: Presumably none of the champions of the RO 2016 games repeat anymore. Ruth Bettiah Retired, Carolina Marno got injured, Rafael Nadal I resigned… but don’t let your spirits down; There are grounds for confusion. A generation born after the 1992 liberation of Barcelona is ready to take over.

His aim is clear: surpassing Ro’s 17 medals. As always, you know, over 20 would be a resounding success—the record in Barcelona is still 22—; Between 15 and 20, a remarkable performance; And 15 and under, a pass or even horrific failure. Beneath the abyss is still the memory of Sydney 2000 and its 11 podiums, material for pessimists. Optimists and realists have more reasons to believe.

for the optimists

To begin with, there are two safe medals. In these games, almost as before, Spain already starts on two podiums in karate, as in the kata method, under the control of traditionalist judges, there are very few changes between competitions. sandra sanchez called to sleep andDamin Quintero, for silver or bronze. Both will be the heroes of the delegation’s glory days, which, as usual, will end at the Games. On Thursday 5, sign up, Super Thursday!

Sanchez competes and has seven more obvious medal choices: orlando ortega over the fence, from K1 200 Carlos Arevalo placeholder image And from the year Cravotto, K2 1000 paco cubelos And ego peas and the semifinals of basketball and men’s handball and women’s water polo. Then only the team will survive the final and the K4 500, so it will be the first when the fate of the country will be defined. Thinking about certainty, on Wednesday 28 Niko Shera competes in judo after winning everything and at the beginning of the final week, Monday 2, Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4, three days of sailing parties are expected, especially 470 more In Nakra.

for the realist

With those 10 medals so obvious, one can imagine that from surprise to surprise, Spain could easily pass the 20 medals barrier. But the reality is around the 17 metals of Ro, one up or one down. It’s true that in insurance we haven’t counted potential prospects like shooters Alberto Fernandez You Fatima Gloves, both individually and as a mixed team; to golfer john rahmo and its number one in the world; to the triathlete mario mole; canoeist in white water Ander Alessegui; swimmer Hugo Gonzalez, to boxer Emmanuel Reyes or judoka fran garriggs, which is precisely competing this Saturday.

But it is also true that defeat is part of the game. Even in the happiest calculations, Spain arrives in Tokyo with about 50 candidates for three honorary positions and of those, it must be assumed that about a third will be eliminated. Ro definitely had more chances to start and the last minute absence of Nadal and Marn was a stone.

for the pessimists

They’re right: we’re all going to die. The delegation not only remembers its teammates in tennis and badminton, but also mourns the physical and performance problems of other leaders. To review: Mireia Belmonte has been confined for two years due to an injury to her shoulder; lydia valentine You have to change into a weight that is not yours. The women’s basketball team seems to have lost its joy… In addition, many golfers and tennis players have resigned in pursuit of their professional circuits and the Pau Gasol, Valverde or men’s handball teams play against them. .

Without counting it all, in regards to ro, there are no taekwondo Joel Gonzalez You Eva Calvo, rhythmic gymnastics team or cyclist Carlos Coloma And that the biggest ones, the giant ones also fall from time to time. tell it Novak Djokovik that five years ago I lost in the first round Juan Martin del Potro And, as he admitted at a news conference this Thursday, he’s here for it. If things don’t work out in the first few days, whether with taekwondo players or shooters, Spain could come away with just one or two medals in the past week and go home disappointed. In any case, the path, at the moment, points the other way. Will decide the games just started.