Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Greta, the gymnast who has taken off again

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Greta, the gymnast who has taken off again

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Greta, the gymnast who has taken off again

Greta Ricciardi was hit by a truck four years ago, come back and win. He led the Pava team in Serie B: “And now I’m studying to be a physiotherapist”

Gymnast Greta Ricciardi.Corriere della Sera

Chasing the dream, training in the gym for hours on that platform. Then, in a second, darkness. Only willpower and tenacity changed the end of the story Greta Riccardi, a 19-year-old gymnast from Pava, who was hit by a truck while crossing the street four years ago. After leaving the intensive care unit and spending months in rehabilitation, the young champion has returned to spinning like never before and is leading her team in Series B.

Rhythm is life for Greta. He trains five days a week, between 4 and 5 hours a day, and has competitions on Sundays. Clubs, ribbons, hoops and balls have always been in his room since he was 9 years old. The promise of gymnastics, which, thanks to passion, managed to overcome the consequences of the dramatic accident of November 17, 2017. He was 15 years old.

“I went to the Copernico school, in the center of Pava, I was in the crosswalk and I had my bicycle in my hand: a truck ran over me. I never lost consciousness. I was buried under the wheels when emergency services tried to rescue me“, he relates.

She was admitted to intensive care at San Mateo Hospital and underwent 9 hours of surgery: a broken pelvis and fractures in her right leg. Knee and leg were shattered. Only a miracle could have hit him again. The gymnasts were transferred to the Nigarda of Milan in a hyperbrick chamber to avoid the risk of infection and help the tissues regenerate. Greta lived there for five months. Always have one goal in mind: to get back to gymnastics, to competition, to your equipment.


“The pain was so much, it felt like a hit from the hip to the leg. but i never give up. The discipline and rigor I have always maintained in the sport has stayed with me even during my rehabilitation. I did physical therapy twice a day with an exceptional team that really helped me get through the tough moments,” he says.

No one was unbalanced in his full recovery, but technical director Elena Aliprandi, who accompanied him to the hospital during his stay, wanted him at the Desio Academy, where he was followed by a team of physiotherapists and an osteopath. “Watching other athletes train, on a psychological level it was a salvation, because I was going back to my own world. After a year of work I was ready and coordinating my movements, redoing splits and turns. I came on stage and everyone in the stands supported me, without rivalry or fans, they hugged me with long applause”.

Now that she is back as captain of Paves Gymnasia and pulled the team into Serie B, it will be time to enjoy a well-deserved rest before the restart in mid-September. Unless He’s already focused on a new goal : “I was in Fuerteventura for a week, but now I have to put myself on the books: I want to pass the entrance exam to the Faculty of Physiotherapy. My dream is to help other people in difficulty, which was decisive for me”.