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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: From Maialen Chaurout to Silver the Path Between Pain: Lumbago, Dizziness and a Broken Rib

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: From Maialen Chaurout to Silver the Path Between Pain: Lumbago, Dizziness and a Broken Rib

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“I don’t believe, I don’t believe. I don’t care anymore, in fact, I don’t care, I’m happy if I finish fourth,” Mélaine Chourout confessed to her husband and coach xabi atxanese At the first hug of many, many who would come later, and, although the paddler was already satisfied, he knew about the medal to come: “Yes, Maialene, yes, you already have.” They were in the white tent that the Tokyo Games had put up in the Butcher Channel to wait for the rest of the first three classifieds to come down and by then they were both back.

After the competition, Chouraut got out of the canoe, looked at his time with wide eyes, almost in ‘shock’ and placed himself where he was said to be the fastest. Etxaniz arrived a little later, running with his son. pau, from a previous relationship, fourth in the last Junior Canoeing World Cup, and they both stood in front of him, right next to the camera, to shout the same adjective: “Incredible! Incredible!”.

We had to wait for two rivals to pass and the third, the Italian stephanie hornYou are not beyond the time of chauraut, canoeist and technician, husband and wife, they did not wait any longer. His embrace, pure emotion, was a surprise to Japanese volunteers, who did not understand such a display of love in public, and a cause for fainting for those in charge of the organization, who had thought about the pandemic,” Please, please, distance, distance”, without knowing that they were talking to two very close friends.

Curiously, even when the two merged, Chowraut had not won her third Olympic medal after bronze at the 2012 London Games and gold at the 2016 Olympic Games, but … “But I didn’t care, I actually did. I didn’t. Care. When I realized I was there again at 38, fighting these jabatas, which are so fast, I thought: ‘You’ve already won.’ ‘ If I finished fourth, fourth, but all we have is the past. Some years have been so tough and so tough that I can’t wait to celebrate.”

But Xabi did. Although she already wept bitterly after the first hug, the performance of the German Ricarda Funk, faster than Chaurat, at last the gold multiplied his veins, circling him in the same square meter and only when the Slovak failed Aliska Mintalova And the podium was confirmed, the coach was removed. Silver or bronze, hardly matters now. The Australian had yet to go down jessica fox, which may not have happened even with the Spanish, but even before that, Etxaniz and his son Pau were already getting rid of their mobile phones, flip-flops and recognition.

They were about to jump in the water, they were about to jump in the water. And, although they had to wait a very, very long time, as many leaders wanted to congratulate the canoeists, they finally did. Joined together, water, so that he could kiss his partner and make “Mailene, la mano! Give me your hand!” shouted the coach who wanted to get away from the crowd that had already gathered and immerse himself in the midst of it, before the whirlwind of questions on TV, radio and newspapers, at Chourout, Etxnaise and Pau, in the last embrace .

Tac in 2017

“I’ve come to these Games to make myself proud, without the pressure that I had until the Rio Games to win Olympic gold. That pressure weighed heavily on me: when I got it, when I was finally Olympic champion, everything Came out. All my life he kept asking, asking, asking and when I returned from Brazil I had many injuries, I think it was the result of so much accumulated stress. Over the years I have fallen and I Got up several times. I’ve struggled a lot and this medal… Uh! I can’t believe it,” Chauraut and his coach explained in more detail about the pain test from that summer of 2016 At least until the summer.

Maialen Chowrat celebrates her silver medal.AFP

“Just when she arrived from Brazil, after giving her body a lot, she was locked on her back for several days. Two months later, in October 2016, she began to feel dizzy, several episodes during 2017. And when he found this way, some exercise he was doing in bed, he started having pain in his ribs. We didn’t know what it was, we didn’t know what it was and finally ‘With a CT scan, we found that he had a fissure,'” said Etksniz, who only wanted to value what his ward had achieved. “She has struggled so much, but so much,” she repeated and recalled that with Fox, a bronze medalist, she had become the first canoeist with three Olympic medals.

Then they both looked for a moment to talk, just a moment, as husband and wife, as coach and disciple, to be able to dissect the lineage and to recognize that, the butcher’s As in the complex channel, the veteran led to success. Many of his rivals, such as those accompanying him on stage, Funk and Fox, are taking canoeing to another level, approaching men’s times, descending at astonishing speed, but Chourat made the experience count. . “And it hasn’t been the best possible descent, eh, but I know how to play my cards,” analyzed the third Spanish medalist at the Tokyo Games. Another variant, the medalist who never fails.