Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Fantastic ‘Undine’ and his complaint against GDR anabolic

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Fantastic ‘Undine’ and his complaint against GDR anabolic

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Fantastic 'Undine' and his complaint against GDR anabolic

Rika Reinish, before the 1980 Moscow Games.AP
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rica reinisho He was 15 on 23 July 1980 and was preparing to swim the final of the 100 m backstroke at the Olympic Games in Moscow. Born on April 6, 1965, in Seefenersdorf (East Germany), she was an eccentric, promiscuous teenager. A mermaid with dark hair and expressive features that were still evident, in a glance, a smile, childhood memories.

What record did he equal, set with a world record (4:07.95), in the first post of the victorious 4×100 style relay on the 20th? Ulrike Richter (1: 01.51). In the semi-finals on 22nd, he had reduced it to a hundredth. Now on the 23rd in the final, he is going to do it again. And it succeeds. It is pegged with 1:00.86. The podium is entirely East German Ina Kleber (1:02.07) and Petra Riedele (1:02.64) Escorting the winner. The differences between Rheinsch and the others are enormous for such a small event in such a competition. But the matter is about adding medals. those are the golden years crumble (as they are called) of the German Democratic Republic, on this occasion favored a western boycott of Moscow due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Four days after his victory in the 100 back, Renischo set another world record in 200 (2:11.77). Once again the East Germans took the stage. is for silver Cornelia Polit (2: 13.75). bronze, for Birgit Treber (2: 14.14). Rheinish has again established a giant between himself and the rest. Swimming prostrates in front of this wonderful little girl.

At the age of 15, Rika was a triple Olympic champion and world record holder. She retired at the age of 16. She was hospitalized with severe ovarian swelling as a result of treatment with anabolic steroids derived from testosterone, which she was subjected to puberty. With Oral-TurinabolMedicinal rubbish, star of the sewers of the regime. It was impossible to refuse under the tireless eyes of the Stasi. At the hierarchical center of the medical plot in swimming stood a sinister doctor lothar kipke.

Already married Rika had two miscarriages when the Wall fell, but she was able to save herself from the sterility and other disorders for which she seemed doomed and had two children years later. He was the first and one of many athletes to report that they have been victims of systematic and conscientious state doping, often with irreversible consequences, that helped transform a nation of 15 million people into a sports giant. between 1972 and 1988, and excluding the Los Angeles Games ’84 due to the retaliatory socialist boycott, RDA Won 384 Olympic medals.

Rika has had a place in the International Swimming Hall of Fame since 1989. She always said: “I was exceptionally gifted in swimming. But I would never know to what extent and for how long without Anabolics. It was the greatest betrayal.”