Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Enmanuel Reyes Pla, the 'Prophet' of Cuba who knocks for Spain:

The heavyweight, who sought a medal against his compatriot Julio Tsar La Cruz on Friday, was locked in a Moscow flat for four months before arriving at La Corua.

Reyes Pla defeated Levitt in a round of 16 match.Frank Franklin IIAP

in sumo temple, Kokukigan Arena, raises an indomitable man. Despite a cut in his left eyelid, Enmanuel Reyes Pla challenged whoever got ahead of him. “Now we have July left. To rip his head off. It doesn’t matter whether he’s from Cuba or not. We’re going for everything. I came for my gold and whoever stood on top of the ring.” Will fall,” he declares, with the self-assurance of someone who has just dropped a giant.

Seconds before, the Prophet, with a blazing combination, had knocked out Vasily Levita In the second round, a Kazakh who claimed silver in the previous Ro games. it happened to him Chief of Panches, who made sure she never got a chance to talk too much in the ring: “By the time I start dating a guy, it’s all over.” “It was a very technical fight. I went out to find my fight, to have my own rhythm. I cut myself off, but I didn’t value it. Here we came to fight. Then I made a good connection, there The man fell and we went to finish him off,” he describes without great pride.

Norman Mailer wrote that “boxing provides a profession to men who might otherwise commit murder in the streets.” But in Cuba, it is much more than an outlet for criminals. It is also a way to escape from poverty. And a culture too. Reyes Pla was one of the best school promises in the world since he started at the age of six native havana. But he found that all the tracks are closed. “He was second best and that’s a problem,” said a member of the Caribbean delegation, who was baffled by the deployment of his one-time compatriots.

“My country is Spain”

Because the Prophet, as they call him, is now fighting for another flag. He gave his life to come to Spain to meet his family. “Now my country is Spain and I want Spain to win. It has given me everything. We are going to go out with everything to protect the Spanish flag,” he said on Friday of the inspiration for his fight. I assured when asked. Quarter Finals. against Julius Caesar the Cross, ‘Shadow’, Olympic champion in RO -81 kg, with a PGI tyson more ways mayweatherDancing Off Guard had her Kenyan rival stunned a while back. Only this blow separates Enmanuel from the medal.

But Reyes Pla is not afraid of him, as he knows him well. “He lost in his day, but he was pretty even. La Cruz has been up to the heavyweight class and he won’t be that fast. Reyes is a born heavyweight. He’ll beat him at speed and that comes with everything. Too much.” All the desire and a lot of hunger. It inspires him that he is Cuban, because there they were holding him back,” he explains. rafa lozano, the coach who came across a diamond a few years back, was trying to take the leap of professionalism. “I spoke to his father and we convinced him to join the national team,” he admits.

Even though Enmanuel did not yet have a nationality. His adventure of escaping from Cuba was one of those that would make for a film script. At his family’s claim, La Corua settled in, and competition with the blockade belies his boxing career. erislandi savani, bronze in RO 2016, he embarked on a journey in 2016 with an uncertain destination. Reyes Pla, who became the national runner-up on the island, faced a fine bureaucratic hurdle in Moscow to be able to join the European Union for the first time. Fearing the consequences, of being arrested for not having the papers in order, he spent four months locked in an apartment with his cousin.

“I respect the Cuban people”

When he came out, he still had many paths left, none easy. He traveled to Austria, where he applied for political asylum and spent two months in a refugee centre. Later, on his way to Spain, he was arrested in Germany while trying to cross the border with France. German authorities sent him to a detention center for migrants, where he spent time before being sent back to Austria. In the end I decided to take a risk and take a direct flight to Barcelona. He was finally able to be reunited with his family in the summer of 2017. “Months Jumping Across Boundaries”Looking at his promising career, taking on the blows of life.

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“It was all a sacrifice we made, to get here like this. Every now and then I say, ‘Hey, this sacrifice was worth it'”, he now admits in the bowels of the Kokugikan, where reflected It is also time to act on the riots in our country. “Things are a bit bad in Cuba. Hopefully the Cuban people will continue to assert their rights. As they say: ‘Motherland and life’. Although he is out and Spanish now. Renegu of my Cuban nationality. But I respect the Cuban people because it is my blood. Let them keep fighting and take away their freedom”, he launched.

Once in Galicia, when Balita did not let him escape, he received his nationality in January 2020. Last June, he finally got a ticket to Tokyo at the Pre-Olympics, which he only lost in the final. After a fierce draw for the Games, he was not disappointed. “They say I’m on the side of the toughest picture, but for me it’s the best because others are not a threat to me, I’m a threat”, Ali said in a previous one. Because the Prophet, like all great people, does not bite his tongue: “Work and accompany Koch Rafa” Carlos Peet is being completed. We came in search of gold and to put the opponent in front of the opponent we are going to sweep”.