Home Sport Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Damn the disobedient athlete

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Damn the disobedient athlete

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Damn the disobedient athlete

“During the night shift, I heard the movement of guests in their rooms through the open window. I think they were drinking,” says an Olympic Village employee.

The smoking room of the Tokyo Olympic Press Center.Line of control
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Ruckus in the athletes’ rooms. parties? Liquor? Closing quote between cardboard bed sheets? Japanese activists in the Olympic Village report that some athletes are not following anti-Covid rules. Like when the children of the Argentine delegation, during the parade of the celebrations of the Olympic Games, began to embrace normally fit, breaking the slight friction and restraint of the other teams.

The Japanese have voices from within the pandemic bubble in which the athletes live, accusing some of them of not disinfecting their hands when they entered the two dining rooms available in the sprawling Tokyo enclosure, where they live. They serve about 45,000 meals a day. They also say that athletes dare to handle food without gloves and that there are some who incorrectly wear a mask, or go straight to the dining room without a mask, which is mandatory, except when you have to Sitting at a table with a transparent separate screen to avoid interference, spill droplets of saliva while eating.

“An outbreak can happen at any time”, a canteen employee says in a statement collected by the Japanese newspaper asahi. The woman says that athletes often finish their meal and go to the fruit basket for dessert. But they rarely wear gloves when they do. He claims to have seen the eaters pick up the fruit and then put it back on the stall.

“Some of my coworkers have told me they want to stop working in the Olympic Village because the athletes don’t listen to them,” say Olympic Village staffers. “During the night shift, I heard the noise of guests in their rooms from an open window. I think they were drinking.” Olympic gossip.

Damn the disobedient athletes…

In general, with viral obsession and fear of a major outbreak, Japanese living in Tokyo migrate to other cities. The streets are pretty empty this weekend. According to local media, the planes were almost full and the streets leaving the capital were crowded, taking advantage of the four-day holiday with the start of the Games.

Athletes, the further, the better.

And thousands of accredited journalists? far too. Because special messengers and photojournalists cannot get rid of the anger of sports activists. What if they violate the isolation period upon entering JapanWhat if they don’t respect distances in the dining room, what if they cheat with the government’s health application for walking quietly around town.

And besides, they smoke and blow smoke in their faces. In the press center they have left a corner for smokers on a terrace where there cannot be more than six people. There is a big sign that says it is forbidden to exceed that number. But there are always more than six people smoking at the same time.

Shame on the disobedient journalist…