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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Carla Suárez’s Medal, Winning Again 18 Months Later and Cancer Later: “I Hope My Example Serves People”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Carla Suárez's Medal, Winning Again 18 Months Later and Cancer Later:

“I knew that not winning again was a possibility,” he admits to EL Mundo. She will face Pliskova in the second round and dreams of a double medal with Garby. He retired after the US Open.

Carla Suarez during her match against Jauber in Tokyo.Mike SegariReuters
  • soribes Defeat Number One: “It’s the biggest win of my career”

Ghosts are gone. Who was going to tell Carla Suarez, who leaves Court 5 at Ariake Tennis Park without giving herself too much importance. just got lost Ones Jauber (6-4, 6-1), the recent Wimbledon sensation. It took a little over an hour under sleep for a win that, paradoxically, took 18 months to happen again. One and a half years in which he spent his life ahead. So how relative is everything now.

Carla doesn’t think ahead. Nor was Hodgkin’s lymphoma detected in September 2020, which plagued him in the midst of an epidemic that required him to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments and, of course, put his career on hold. That’s what she wanted, her big win, farewell on the track. “I didn’t want people to remember me that way. Retirement due to cancer is not good or positive. It was exactly what I wanted, this was what I had in mind during the illness: where and how I wanted to say goodbye. And I’m going to be able to do it. “So will the memories, victorious.

Whatever happened in Tokyo today or yesterday. Sunday is now his medal. “I never thought I wouldn’t win again, but I knew it was a possibility. I’m just playing Grand Slams and I’m not at the same competitive level as my peers,” he thinks aloud. “It’s a victory to remember. Whatever happened, the complicated moments, to be in the games. It’s hard to forget. To be able to win, whatever I’ve been training in the sport, that’s satisfying, He confesses sometime later from Olympic Village to EL World, where he has just received physiotherapy treatment. Because “I’m not as well as I used to be.” And this Monday is already waiting Karolina Pliskova In the second round, seeded No. 5.

“I get more tired”

And on Tuesday, at least one more fight, match with doubles Garby Muguruza A peculiar pair of Spanish against a Swiss couple, the quiet one, the nervous other, the inseparable friend.

But that would be another episode. Sunday was a brisk day despite the heat and wind. “I started off very well, trying to concentrate all the time I had in mind to hurt her, because she plays aggressive and chaotic,” elaborated one of the comfortably obsessed Las Palmas, Because even the “feelings” wear out. It is not for less. It was before and after. “I get more tired, my breath turns first. Sometimes I feel discomfort in my chest, I have more pain than usual. Those are normal things,” he describes.

This is the first victory, though not at all. Going back for Carla, was winning. “A Gift of It All”, ovation in Tribune Roland Garros and Wimbledon: “I am in favor of the adage that says ‘what you give, they give back to you’. I have been on the circuit for many years and have received many encouragements. I feel privileged. People know this is my last tournament. They are taking great care of me, it is appreciated,” he said.

Can come neither in Paris nor in Wimbledon in Tokyo, but of course … “I am getting used to, I have more time to train and play better. At Wimbledon I played against Barty [ganadora despus]. against sloan Stephens at Roland Garros It had been less than a month since he finished his treatment. Those are the different conditions that made it possible for me to win today “, who knows” an exemplary case “to be honest.” And if I serve as an example to other people, that’s welcome. “And this is expanded:” The disease of that visibility, be happy if someone serves you. I was lucky when they discovered it, with people who were in chemo sessions, radio, who had overcame cancer. He told me that, although it is a bad experience, it can be overcome. I have tried to wear it naturally. It is a delicate subject, but I hope that what I am doing for the people will serve them.”

and then what. The US Open will be his professional goodbye, who is already 33 years old. But with life, which he postponed for the sake of his professional career, he has accounts to settle. First of all, “rest”. “With family, with friends, with family, with my partner.” and maybe soon motherhood. “It’s something that’s on my mind. There’s hope. It’s not like it just depends on me, give a button and you get pregnant. It takes a process.”