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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Bumps in water and otitis, reasons for Spanish disappointment in triathlon: “It’s disappointing”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Bumps in water and otitis, reasons for Spanish disappointment in triathlon:

Mario Mola, the best Spaniard, finished tenth in a painful test that crowned Norwegian Blumenfeldt. Gmez Noya said goodbye to the Games 25

Mario Mola and Gamez Newa in transition.Enrique FontaubertaEFE
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That Olympic curse in Spanish triathlon, as punished by the gods of a sport that has spoken Spanish since birth, not so long ago. He dominated it so much – among eight of the last 13 world titles Xavier Gamez New You mario mole– that ‘Kenyan’ called them. But sports, impotence. Again in Tokyo, where no one could even come close to the London silver of the Galician that remains as the only button. was imposed, christian blummenfelt, taken to the podium by alex yi You Hayden Wilde, silver and bronze.

From the start it was found that it was not going to be day even at Odaiba Marina Park, where a false start was an early morning affair. He was mario mole, in the eighth RO, the best national, but not even in his favorite field, he was not seen in the perfection of not so long ago. I finished tenth, climbing a handful of positions, but far from everything (1:09 behind gold). Fernando Alarza placeholder image, shortly afterwards, twelfth, that too towards the greater. and captain games new, honoring a sporting legend who ages 25 to 38, in his farewell to the Olympic distance. What awaits him, now yes, is the thrill and honor at Ironman that he postponed for this last Olympic dance in 2016 to clear the thorn of his absence for each.

The key was in the water. “It’s been a complicated swim, with lots of blows and a lot of time wasted. We had to work on the bike. It’s frustrating and difficult. I’m sorry I didn’t have a better race,” apologized to the captain, who admitted His uneasiness in recent days. “I haven’t felt great, I’ve pulled up a little otitis, but you never know to what extent it might affect you. it’s not an apology“.

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The sun rose with two arrows in the waters of the Gulf in Tokyo. Great photo ops Olympic rings. The clouds that came and went gave relief from the scorching heat, for which the test was held till 6.30 in the morning. But still the water temperature was 29.9 degrees, an outrage. The first aunt broke the symmetry and Jonathan Brownlee – Aicab with thirty-fifth place – led with Chile Diego Moya. Beyond the experts, water, the first element, is a place where there is more to lose than to win. Avoid blows and cuts, reserve the forces in the inertia of the opponent’s legs.

And the transition to bicycles, which triathletes mechanize as if they were robots stealing any second. But something strange happens to the three Spaniards, wearing that recognizable silver jumpsuit – a tribute to the early world championships. ivan ra 2002- Conquered, they join hands together. and far behind. to some. have a habit of swimming faster than games new. “These things happen in swimming between strokes,” Molla later confessed.

It only had one advantage, all three together could reduce those 40 seconds wasted in bad water. One sport formed a brotherhood in the form of the individual triathlon. And that’s what they get, when nine of the favorites sharpen their teeth on their heads. the mighty of them Vincent Louis, but also British with Brownlee and that 23-year-old Bullet Joe alex yi.

The Nine Samurai do not achieve their objective. In the fourth round, the platoon commanded by the Australians was neutralized. and the third group, the Spaniards, who travel with others Gustav Aiden, with at least a few minutes to catch your breath, trim down to join before the fifth. A nice hot flash. was it worth it? They were going to pay for it.

Christian Blumman felt as he entered the finish line.Reuters

Because the final turns before the walk are pure adrenaline. Whip and battle for positions like it’s a sprint of the Tour. In every turn there is a fear that can ruin everything. That’s why Mola takes up a prison under the sound of a bell, moving up the positions in the squad of 31 insane travelers.

And yet it goes back. And they are still together. They decided to die hand in hand. Very soon, again, the Spaniards feel the absence of forces, with Talaverano Alarza taking 20 seconds behind the group that Yi and the French lead with a brutal rhythm. Konix. Among them, those who are less and less and the favorites have been let off the hook Vicente LouisThere is glory in Odaiba.

It was an attack by Yi that fixed the metals. But he endured a bull, which is the opposite in physics. blummenfelt, with that forceful race, as if before hitting the ground, in the face of the tenderness of the British. And the Norwegian, with a heart-wrenching force, exceeded the goal, happy as tired. A Titanic attempt at Odaiba. 1:45.04 Agony.