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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Brian’s life is a dribble, until the day of the first banquet

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Brian's life is a dribble, until the day of the first banquet

A substitute due to his imbalance, the new signing of the Barbet footballer, Spurs, is Spain’s hidden weapon, which needs a draw against Argentina. “It’s different, he always dares”

Brian Gill in the match against Australia.silvia izquiardoAP

“Brian always dares.” This is reiterated by everyone who has seen him train at Sports City on Utrera Road in Seville. Huh pablo white , Ernesto Chaos or Joacun Capers, who made decisions in the sports management of the club when it was necessary to take over their incorporation and progress.

Brian Gil, signed by Tottenham, became Spanish football’s Man of the Day on Tuesday, something that could happen again if Luis de la Fuente believes it, in a duel in which the Olympic team makes his pass in the quarters against Argentina. Plays (13:00, Spanish time). The draw serves him but he will need to aim, and no one has seen the way so clearly as the young talent of Barbet.

Despite not being a starter, Brian has been one of the first options used by de la Fuente when Australia did not score a goal against Egypt. In the second match, its verticality and overflow caused panic in the defense of the sea. “It reminds me of one of those games in which I took him off the bench in Valladolid,” Capers recalls, following his dismissal during the last leg in which he guided the Seville club in a circumstantial manner. Pablo Machno. “It was a 0-0 game, of course, 0-0. Bryan came out, broke it and produced the winning goal.”

A “rompentrenadores”

Against Australia, the target came off the set piece, thanks to a shot Asensio and auction oarzabali , but the change in dynamics corresponded to this “different footballer”, as Capers puts it, with an electric dribble with a “‘breaker’ that destroys a system the players do not have, for this reason it has has attracted the attention of the premiere “.

“Bryan loved different clubs when he was a kid, among them Barcelona and Betis,” says the coach. “But I have to say that Sevilla did a great job, because they behaved to help their families who needed it.” The previous crisis had left the father jobless, devoted to construction, so the club paid for gasoline to get on the train from Barbet to Seville. Around 200 kms in a day. For a week, they let him train in their hometown, until they demanded that he join the club’s football residency. He already knew that his and his family’s life was in his dribbling.

The benefit is clear. The sale of ‘Spurs’ is one of the sales Sevilla made with its mine players. Bryan left 25 million euros in the club’s coffers.

“It is an excellent product of the Seville mine, as kings Or Jess Navaso, and has the potential to make sacrifices that have not been exposed. He defends and, at times, must be asked to save effort so that he can develop his game more fully. We fixed him so that instead of coming in to pick up, he went straight into space,” Capers explains.

The acceleration of his progress was significant: “At the age of 16, we hired him to play in the subsidiary, under the command of Lucia, and in Second B it is not easy to do that in an age where there are very tough and tough teams and players. “A lot of credit should be given to who the footballer is at present, says the Capers. Jose Luis Mendilibar, Eibar Coach: “‘Mendy’ was brave, because at a club of that level it is not easy to bet on aggressive footballers of that type.”

de la fuente, who can already count mingueza Against Argentina, he is not the only one to have used Bryan as a substitute in games without obvious offensive solutions. is it already luis enrique In absolutes, because with Andalusians in the region, things always happen. The footballer has a firm face, as if his life depended on every dribble. “He was very clear that he wanted to be a professional footballer,” concludes Caparrs. For their first banquet until the day he had to be absent from a match, as soon as he had received communion, he ran to inquire about his team’s result. There is no day without dribbling.