Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Biblical Caleb Dressel explores Tokyo's waters for its promised land

Caleb, or Caleb, is a biblical name. He was one of the scouts sent by Moses to the land of Canaan, the Promised Land. Caleb Dressel I didn’t open the water as I wanted. MosesBut this swimmer does so, claiming to feed his faith when weakness appears, thanks to the prophets: “I am safe and fearless, for the Lord is my strength and my song” (Isaiah, 12,2) . Tokyo is your promised land.

American actually has some presence after March Michael Phelps. The void left by the best in any activity in history is always an abyss that leads to nostalgia for the bygone times, but the game is like a living being, it represents the most primitive as well as the sublime The sublime of the human condition is in six words: faster, higher, stronger.

This journey through the desert is not long. Dressel, 24, has already managed to move faster than Phelps, as opposed to a human-facing whale: 100 butterflies. In the swim that lifts the curtain in Tokyo, the heiress seeks to profane his legacy even more, because when it comes to records, profanity is a virtue, not a sin.

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With a German background in the family, as his surname suggests, Dresel is the son of a farmer from the southern United States, belonging to the Protestant community. a south that no longer belongs William Faulkner, but in which the year of ‘Black Lives Matter’ has sparked “noise and fury”, as is the case across the country. From the smaller Green Core Springs, with over 75% of the white population, Dressel went to Bills College in Jacksonville, where he was tutored. Sergio Lopez, the first Spaniard to reach the Olympic podium in swimming (bronze in the 200 breaststroke in Sail 1988), based in Florida. Later on a scholarship from the University of Florida and becoming one of the greatest emerging talents in American Swimming, he suffered a teenage crisis, for which he received reparations according to his account in the Bible: “Isaiah reminded me of that I should believe.”

However, there is some symmetry in Dressel’s religiosity, which combines the advice of the prophets with tattoos of the animal world, eagles, bears, in which he claims to find strength. Creatures of God, after all. Not all are permanent nor are they always the same.

Phelps’ end was his debut on the Olympic arena, as they both shared the free 4×100 relay gold at RO 2016. Ryan held You Nathan Adrian. The one who goes to the one who comes was his hand. Contrary to legend he hopes to succeed to the throne of swimming and, why not, in sports, Dressel is a pure runner, be it freestyle or butterfly, one of the quickest starts from poites compared to knowing the sport. One, while Phelps ruled, butterfly aside, was undeniable from the 200s and especially across genres. In Tokyo, Dressel desires six golds: 50 and 100 free, 100 butterfly and 4×100 free, 4×100 styles and 4×100 mixed relay.

100 butterfly record

The best cover letter ever produced is his world record for 100 butterflies for qualitative value. It was like an Everest that opposed Phelps beyond Beijing 2008, the climax of his career. Ian Crocker Left the mark at 50.40 in 2005. The 50-second barrier was Phelps’ goal, but he soon brought it down. mirolad caviki (49.95). Months later, in 2009, Phelps set the record at 49.82. It seemed like a brand from another world, and even more so after FINA banned polyurethane swimsuits.

Dressel, on the other hand, at the Gwangju World Cup in 2019, and with a cloth swimsuit, gave her a butt of 32 cents, albeit with a special filter to avoid air pockets that offer water resistance. Therefore, the value of your brand is higher than that of its predecessors in the ranking. For example, in the 100 free, he was the first to fall below 47 seconds without the advantage given by below dead body previous.

Ledeki, during a training session at the Tokyo Aquatics Center.AFP

The appointment to Korea has already marked his confirmation as the new king of swimming. If he had won seven golds at the last World Cup, in Budapest in 2017, two years later it would be six, but a total of eight metals. Harvest that already puts him in equal numbers to Phelps. Short Poole has also backed his progress with three world records: 50 free (20.16), 100 butterfly (47.78) and 100 style (49.28). Now that power is yet to be displayed on the Olympic stage.

Dressel is faced with the value of speed in Tokyo, which always finds a perfect breeding ground in the pool. Being in the 100 free, test in which a 16-year-old Romanian, David Popovikis, this year (47.39) swam faster (47.30) than the American. At his age, Dressel was a second and a half above the Romanian in the distance.

It knows a lot about motion Katie Ledecky, who arrives in Tokyo after her appearance at the top of the London podium at the age of 15, and her confirmation as the owner of everything in Rio is, curiously, nothing Dressel. It’s basically a long-distance runner who, in addition to the free 4×200 relay, set out to achieve five golds: 200, 400, 800 and 1,500 free. However, you can find your replica in another Katie, nicknamed Grimes, second in US trials in the 800, at the same age as Ledecky Rein in London: 15.