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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: All the Tokyo 2020 events you can’t miss this Sunday

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: All the Tokyo 2020 events you can't miss this Sunday

The day will begin with swimming, with Mireia Belmonte’s 400 styles finals, taekwondo and judo also having medal choices and ending with Gemez Noya looking for gold in the triathlon.

Mireia Belmonte during qualifying for the final of the 400 styles.EFE

The second Olympic Day will start on Sunday 25 with an agenda that could leave new medals for Spain that will be added to Adriana Cerezo’s silver. The main choices are Miria Belmonte, who will compete in the final of the 400 styles, and Javier Gámez Noya in the triathlon event. But much more will happen.

with the final of the 400m styles miria belmonte (04:00 hours). In addition, a series of 100 female breaststrokes Jessica Vallu and 100 men with backs Hugo Gonzalez. From 12 noon.

AustraliaSpain (12:30 hours)

FranceUnited States of america (14:00 hours)

Feminine: Spain-Australia (3:00 h)

Male: Spain-New Zealand (13:35)

women’s road test Margarita Garcia Cala You Anne Santasteban. Testing is expected to begin at 06:00 and arrival at 11.

With the women’s quarterfinal (-52 kg) ana prazzo and with male (-66 kg) Alberto Piper (from 04:30)

With quarter finals (-68 kg) Xavier Prez Polo (4:30. Battle of Medals from 09:00)

Feminine: Spain-Sweden (12:30 pm)

  • Canyoning at Aguas Bravas

Slalon K-1 with female marilyn korout (from 7:45) and with a C-1 male Ander Alessegui (from 6:27)

Women’s Competition – Sub 4 Classification. with Laura Bechdejo, Marina Gonzalez, alba petisco You Roxana Daniela. (10:05 am)

with group stage Liliana Fernandez You Elsa Baquerizo (14:00 hours)

with the participation of Xavier Gamez New, mario mole You Fernando Alarza placeholder image (23:30 hours)