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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Alex Heredia, the rare modern pentathlon, flying from football to the “environment” and cosmetic surgery

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Alex Heredia, the rare modern pentathlon, flying from football to the

Who promised Espanyol, before choosing a sport that combines horseback riding, shooting, fencing, athletics, and swimming, “I sign back with only my neck hanging around.”

Alex Heredia practices shooting, one of the trials of the modern pentathlon.p saltyArab Press

Hundred Olympians wait seven hours at Barajas airport and look at one of them: alex heredia. Last Saturday, a flight carrying a large part of the Spanish delegation to the Tokyo Games was delayed due to being overweight and if there was one candidate to take the blame, it was him. Or more so, poor thing, his game. The modern pentathon, perhaps the most complex discipline of all, demands suitcases and suitcases and more suitcases. Two swords, a laser pistol, riding boots, running shoes, swimming goggles, a helmet, a fencing mask, a riding crop…

“I have two large suitcases and sometimes I still have to put some in my coach luggage. Luckily I’ve never left anything, but if it doesn’t come, if the airline loses something between airports, So they will put a lot of money on me,” he admits. Heredia, whose characteristic requires a lengthy explanation.

beyond history, the idealization of Pierre de Coubertin To create the most complete athlete of the early twentieth century, the current format is. “The modern pentathlon is composed of athletics, swimming, shooting, fencing and horseback riding. One has five sports and each has been adapted in a specific way. For example, athletics and shooting are played at the same time. Four races of 800 meters combined with rounds of shots. The fencing is also awkward as the 30 participants face each other with a touch, they are very fast combat. And the equestrian feels like a normal jumping competition. , but it’s strange that we don’t know the horse, every time we start from scratch. The only thing recognizable to the audience is the 200m swimming style”, says the pentathlete, before facing the most obvious question: you How do you get into the modern pentathlon?

“The environment was not the healthiest”

There are only 441 licensed businessmen in Spain and in fact, one of them is her sister, Laura Heredia, who was one step away from qualifying for Tokyo, but was eliminated at the last minute. was the best spanish ever George QuesadaEighth at the 1984 Los Angeles Games, and no participant in the previous two Olympic editions.

“I played football like many people, and I even spent a season in Espanyol’s youth, but the environment wasn’t the healthiest, let’s say. I decided to try an individual sport that I enjoyed and at my school, Lor de Sant. was suitable for boi. [la misma que los hermanos Gasol] There was a Pentathon section. As usual, I went through school, I started with athletics, then swimming and now with fencing, shooting and horse riding, ‚ÄĚsays Heredia, who also combines sports with work. Medical graduate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona ( UAB) has completed a Master’s degree in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine and is now working part-time at the Dra Escoda Clinic in Planas Ramblas.

During the first months of the pandemic, he also considered going back to work at the Val d’Hebrun Hospital, the center where he practiced his career, but in the end his playing career and uncertainty took a toll on sports. . In just 24 hours, despite the complexity of his sport, he left the car of Saint Cugat, where he lives, and set up a gym at his parents’ house with an exercise bike on a treadmill borrowed by Reebok. , which he miraculously found in Wallpop. , a crunch board, several dumbbells, and a lot of that huge training gear. Heredia concluded, “It’s been a tough preparation, but I can’t complain about how it’s gone. At this point I sign back from Japan with something around my neck.”

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