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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Alejandro Blanco: “Not holding the Games in Tokyo would have been a waste for the sport”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Alejandro Blanco:

The head of the COE reflects on these sports marked by the pandemic and defends it without ignoring the economic imperatives that athletes put before money.

Alejandro Blanco at the COE Headquarters.EFE

waiting in tokyo Alexander White The start of an Olympic Games that he envisioned very differently. Because of the place and because of the situation. It was the 2020 Games, the candidacy for which the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee gave himself to be held in Madrid. It was an appointment of desire and today it is a cursed appointment. It will be the 2020 Games to be held in 2021, the Kovid Games, without spectators, without soul, in dark Japan, afraid of everything including athletes. The biggest and most awaited sporting event will take place under exceptional circumstances.

They are games against all odds. This is correct?
These games are going to be held despite all the difficulties and I think it should be a message to the world, because it is the most global event. It has a special meaning and is that if we set a goal for ourselves, we achieve it. As I said, they can be a beacon for the final battle in this fight against the pandemic, which is not over yet. It’s true that they will be separate sports, of course, marked by mobility restrictions and controls, but it won’t be much different from what athletes already know, because they’ve been competing that way for a year World and European, whether it is their league, tournament or different specialties.
The society of the host country has opposed this. Is there any point in celebrating them like this? What is the reason? money?
In my opinion, athletes come before money, and it is because of them, first of all, efforts are made to persuade them. Then there’s the financial part, of course. This is important, because the existence of many international and even national federations depends on the payment of televised rights to the Games, in addition, of course, to the National Olympic Committees. Not celebrating them in Tokyo would have been a disaster, a waste for the sport, but if it did, it was because health was guaranteed. It would be painful for athletes not to be seen in public in the first place, but that is the reality of the moment, as we have already seen with other empty stadiums.
Spain comes with the biggest team after Barcelona 92. It has not subsided despite the pandemic.
Spain goes with those who have won the competition, don’t forget that there are minimums to participate. We sent 321 athletes to Tokyo.
More athletes doesn’t always mean higher medal expectations.
That means achievements in the toughest Olympic cycle ever. As a year goes by, there are doubts about whether some athletes will be able to make it, but there we have it, for example, pau gasoliWho has put in a lot of effort to get into sports. He has returned to play at a high level for Barcelona after two years in Tokyo after a two-year injury break. He is special to our sport, and therefore we are going to support his candidacy to enter the International Olympic Committee assembly, in the athletes quota.
On the other hand, not being Rafael Nadal.
We respect your decision, just like anyone else. We’re not going to say what his absence means, not only because of the medals he’s sure to get, as he’s already done, but also what his presence means to other athletes . No one has made such an impact on an Olympic Village. We will miss him in Tokyo for many reasons, not just on the track.
So isn’t it fair to talk about Barcelona’s roof of 22 medals on this occasion?
This is a record to be broken, although we cannot say when. The 2008 economic crisis hit sports so badly, particularly the federation, that resources were greatly depleted. We have saved ADO in these cycles, but decreasing. I would like to say that in this context, Spanish sport maintained its status at the Games in London and Rio, and with an incredible role for women, a fact that also speaks to progress in Spanish sport and society.
He did not dare to predict.
I like to say that we are going with many possibilities of medals and diplomas (classified in the first eight). For example, we are the fourth country in team sports. The first is, of course, Japan. In the rest, only the United States and Australia are ahead of us.
Football comes with some players who played in the Euro Cup, which has led to coaches such as Ronald Koeman complaining about Pedri’s presence. Isn’t that a lot of hard work?
Like everyone else he has been chosen by his federation. They are the ones who set the criteria. The only thing I’ve verified is everyone’s enthusiasm to join the Games, a unique opportunity. Football selection is, of course, one of those that can give us pleasure. He has played at a very high level. I believe a lot.
After a recent change in ministry comes Tokyo. Jos Manuel Rodrguez goes to Uribes, with whom he had great feelings, and Miquel Iceta arrives.
In no time Uribes gained the acclaim of the entire sporting world. Before traveling to Tokyo I have had two meetings with Isetta and she has expressed her desire to support the sport. After the games it will be time to continue.
These games are one of the games that Madrid lost in their final attempts to organize the big event. Is this dream still alive or definitely abandoned?
It’s true, it was 2020, which we lost in Buenos Aires… I’ve spoken to Mayor Martínez-Almeida and he expressed his desire that Madrid try again when the conditions are met. I now defend that it is a perfect city, and the IOC knows it. The proof of this is that our model is that which is imposed for the future.
Lead Alejandro Blanco who tries or is already one of his successors. You asked to step down after Tokyo but the pandemic has changed everything. Have you reconsidered the option to continue?
Many of the things we thought about two years ago have changed because of circumstances. A new electoral process will open after the Games. Before that, it would be the members of the assembly of the CoE who would have to pronounce themselves. If they tell me to continue, I will offer myself to continue for one more cycle, which of course should be fine.