Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Adriana Cerezo wins silver on best day of her life

Cerejo regrets his loss this Saturday.Miguel GutierrezEFE
  • semi final Pure teenage talent Adriana Cerezo secures first medal for Spain

In tears seconds after losing the fight of her life, Adriana Cerezo approached her opponent, the Thai Panipak Vongpattankit, and raised her hand in recognition of her victory. She cried and cried, but there she continued, later in the center of Matt, applauding the new Olympic champion. Cerezo left the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with a single defeat and multiple victories. His silver was the first medal for Spain and his attitude was a gift for a sport in need of new context. Despite the fact that he slipped with five seconds to go to sleep, despite the fact that he survived a kick he received in the chest when he no longer expected it, his good loss was the culmination of his teenage success, 17 But glory years old..

Because, although he eventually fell, Cerezo had struck fame with his character as an argument, before, nine hours before, four fights. In his Olympic debut, he appeared at Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe Hall, a sprawling convention center, partying with laughter and waving at the stands, where there were only a half-dozen coaches and unions. He enjoyed it practically from the beginning to the end, did he enjoy it. With each kick came a smile on the mouth and even a few gestures of joy at Tatami, as, in the quarterfinals, against the Chinese Wu Jingyu, a double Olympic champion, a double Olympic champion!, she shook her feet. Flexed as if she were a basketball keeper. It wasn’t a joke, it flowed, even it played.

“I enjoy it a lot, I enjoy it a lot, even if I suffer in a fight, I enjoy it,” he admitted of the race just after the semifinals when he was in a hurry: mixed fields. It wasn’t from talking, and even speaking into the microphone, that there was a time when she was comfortable, it was because they held her too long and gave her the rest to reach her goal. What was needed: Gold. In the Olympic tradition the radio connected her to her parents, who spoke to her from their home in the Alcal de Henares, and she was grateful for it, but she demanded that later, for feelings, when everything was over. . “I’m going to do it all,” she said and finally paused for a few seconds.

Fatigue hurt her, as she looked slower in the final than the rest of the day, and in particular the tactics of Thai Wongpattankit. The new Olympic champion, who had to analyze Cerezo’s whirlwind in the previous qualifying round, stood on the mat with a goal to slow her pace, and she succeeded. His strategy was to always stay away, always attentive and wait for the Spanish to stop. Cerezo’s best move, the high kick, was cancelled. And so victory was impossible.

Cerezo’s silver is the seventh medal for Spain in the history of the Games, confirming it as a national sport above judo, for example. When it was an exhibition, the podiums were already accumulated, but since it entered the Sydney 2000 Games as an official discipline, they have multiplied: from Gabriel Esparza’s silver in 2000 to Up to the silver and bronze of Eva Calvo and Joel Gonzalez in the 2000s. Brigitte Yage’s silver at the 2016 London 2012 Games in the same category as Cerezo, the lightest women’s category. Spain already has a new benchmark. Spain already has a medal in Tokyo.