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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Adriana Cerezo: Jackie Chan’s movies, Grandpa’s secret and a break from worry

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: Adriana Cerezo: Jackie Chan's movies, Grandpa's secret and a break from worry

The Olympic runner-up began fighting unbeknownst to his parents and temporarily stopped fighting at the age of 11. “The competition worried him, he didn’t like it, and I told him: ‘Train for fun’,” recalls his coach Jess Raml.

Adriana Cerezo with the silver medal.EFE

They say that a few days ago, with an extraordinary 13 out of 14 in selectivity, Adriana Cerezo He opened the computer with the idea of ​​enrolling in Biochemistry and he turned it off to enroll in Criminology. “That’s probably the only moment I’ve seen his suspicions,” jokes Finn. suvi mikonnen, who was his teacher and today is his ‘encounter’. Together they prepared these Tokyo Olympics at Hankook Gymnasium in San Sebastian de los Reyes and under coach’s orders. Jess RamleyBut before that there was a lot ahead of the silver medal this Saturday.

“His story is good because he’s got the bug of watching Taekwondo movies Bruce Lee and of Jackie Chan In an old video. His parents wanted him to play sports, but they weren’t convinced by martial arts, so it was his grandfather. joso who secretly took him to his neighborhood gym. Neither of them said that at home until he came in for his first test for the belt. Later, as they found that she enjoys more than tennis or figure skating, her parents supported her greatly, as did her grandmother, who always took her to training and as long as it took her It seemed, by then she would wait for him to sit, two, three or four hours. Ramal says on the phone, just before talking to his ward, as he is not in Tokyo due to restrictions. He gets excited and asks to stop when Cerezo demands of him, but then very kindly. takes the statement.

The new Olympic medalist started by Adidas at Centro Deportivo Alcal, a gym downstairs from her home, but at the age of 11 she needed a makeover and was recommended by Ramal’s advice. “When he came with us, he didn’t want to compete. The competition created anxiety, he didn’t like it, and I told him right away, that’s not a problem. ‘Train for fun’, I asked him, But on day 15 he already asked me. Can he sign up for a tournament. Do you know what happened? [Mikkonen] I was competing in the World Cup and we started taking Adriana on all trips. She loved the atmosphere, she changed her vision and now look at how much fun she’s always had,” Ramal explains, adding that along with Mikkonen, her partner, only 17-year-old Cerezo, has welcomed as She was his daughter.

happiness, his weapon

“Her best weapon for me is her happiness. Her advantage is something she enjoys. But not just a big competition like the Olympics, that’s to be enjoyed. She enjoys every training session. If Jess gives her a day off. leaves, she asks to train. Because this is what makes her happy”, analyzes Mikkonen, who was born in Dragsfjord and is a neighbor. Sanse Since she was a teenager, she was fifth at the 2012 London Games and third at the 2014 European Games. “Jess tells her it’s a bug, he calls her a ‘bug,’ and she’s right. The moment I met her, in a few days I already knew she was that spark, that hyperactivity, that Non-stop and will go far because of his technical qualities, of course,” explains the taekwondo player, who has faced Cerezo most times so far. .

For six years, practically every day against one, the young woman learning from the seasoned and experienced… “It’s just that what she’s doing amazes me. I couldn’t learn how. She had Has legs that are not normal. She can do anything and she does it, because she is very creative. She is left-handed, but she practically looks ambidextrous because she hits the same with both feet and Then shakes them in a way, she’s very elastic… and one thing I’ll say: she still has a lot to do that scares the world. She’s more ambitious than the rest. Tell you she did one day What told me?” asks Mikkonen and they already imagine the answer:” He told me he wanted to be number one, but number one in history. The best ever.”

And, although the road is long, it has already begun. A few months ago, in April, he won the European Championship in his first full competition, then he entered the May Pre-Olympics, and this Saturday he achieved his first Olympic metal. No other Spanish athlete has been on a break because of the coronavirus so well that, while training at home, while in confinement, one day he came over and broke his father’s rib. David.

She, like Cerezo’s grandparents, is a native of Navazuelas, a town in Extremadura, where they put up a giant screen to celebrate the silver of their country lady, who spends summers there. If her coach and her teacher’s predictions are true, then the girl who loves watching martial arts movies, the granddaughter of the grandfather who hid her to go to the gym, the teenager overcoming competition anxiety, will introduce them over the course of many years, More happy evening in many municipality pavilions.