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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: A Yellow Paper, a Gymkhana and Four Days at the Hotel in Narita: Odyssey to Reach the Coronavirus Games

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: A Yellow Paper, a Gymkhana and Four Days at the Hotel in Narita: Odyssey to Reach the Coronavirus Games

Between controls, codes, apps, PCRs and tickets, the entire Olympic delegation patiently tries to reach Tokyo. “So many rules to prevent infection”, hundreds of educated volunteers welcoming the traveler continually apologize.

Yao Ming and several Chinese athletes arriving in Narita on Monday.Kim Kyung-hoonReuters
  • Alexander White “Not organizing the Games in Tokyo would have been a waste for the sport”
  • bach He admits there were doubts about the Tokyo Games “every day”.

And all this because, when visible in the target Narita Airport, the last of the controls (or so we think), the nth volunteer appears and asks you with excellent politeness, that is, the yellow paper. Happy Yellow Paper. With which it all began. A yellow sheet of paper with four capital letters: OCHA. Which is the master key to enter the Tokyo Olympics. Kafka will feel full.

But to start at the beginning of the adventure you have to go back about 24 hours – the Odyssey was a long time ago, we’ll explain. Some special envoys are trying to reach games in another part of the world amid a pandemic. Perhaps the country most alert to the virus. But that is Japan, especially Tokyo (on Sunday I registered 1,008 infections and is experiencing a fourth state of emergency), he was in charge of organizing an event that was not due in 2020, but which, despite the disapproval of its residents, was to take place in 2021.

You must return to Adolfo Suarez Airport, where, in order not to run with Prolegamine, the first queue is received Check in with British Airways, the company going to London takes us to Japan. And a one-and-a-half hour traffic jam to enter just 10 minutes before an already delayed flight will undoubtedly be the worst of the day. Because all the controls in Tokyo will be neat, but so dynamic and polite that passengers accept them with a much better instinct than the national chaos of departures.

You have prepared so many papers in the last days that you even want to challenge at the counter. ‘Come on, ask me what you want.’ two PCR (96 and 72 hours ago) In the indicated laboratories (not just any), with their ‘fit to fly’ certificates in Japanese, the Japanese Government Web Questionnaire and its generated QR, another form for the British Government. Carrying a valid passport is exactly like wearing a mask. Common problems of the past are taken lightly. We don’t even talk about suitcases.

On layover in london Everything is simple, although some have to submit all the documents again. And on the flight, so as not to be bored for more than 10 hours crossing the planet, another three pieces of paper. He thinks that why, whatever we carry. Error: They matter too.

But the key to everything, going back to the beginning, is in OCHA (Online check-in and health report app) that it is not a card game. This is an app that must be downloaded with COCOA (COVID-19 Contact App). And that, when the organizing committee agrees to approve the ‘Activity Plan’, which the designated CLO (Covid Liaison Officer) has had to painstakingly elaborate (calls, more calls and multiple emails and at times of complete helplessness). Bhavna, the hard work of Anmol Javi Snatchez), starts working. If you are not lost among so many words, imagine that the journalist has his/her folder full of printed letters.

The fact that the activity plan, where most people sent have to accept at least three days of quarantine (which is four, because he gives zero account) in a Tokyo hotel, is nothing more than a receipt in that city ( with whom someone is falling). EL MUNDO envoys were declared valid on Sunday 18, 20 hours before the flight. And it was like a goal from Iniesta. Well, with OCHA there is a yellow piece of paper and a yellow piece of paper opens almost all doors. For brand messengers on the same flight, who knows, why the activity plan was not approved, so at this point, about six hours after landing, they are still stuck in the first box, without their yellow folios.

Because now comes the gymkhana. The first control, all individuals, all with dozens and dozens of very kind volunteers, two last pCRs to present. in Japanese. Go ahead.

One of the first outposts in Narita.EM

The next step is to check one more record that contains the approved and approved quarantines. third, saliva analysis. For which you have to wait for some time for the result. Fourth, quarantine again, this time you have generated a QR. And, about two hours after disembarking, you go to the next station, which was already cumbersome under normal circumstances. Obtain Olympic accreditation and pass immigration and customs control. Three more and off they go… Ah, the suitcase! There, of course, is the spinning on the tape.

Olympic-accredited journalist.EM

“So many rules to prevent infection”, the ninth smiling volunteer apologized. Because as soon as you leave the door, there’s another wait that points to the bus taking you to the taxi rank and from there, alone, to the hotel entrance, which makes you want to raise your arms like Van Aert on the Champs It’s Elysees. 24 hours have passed, a thousand control more tickets than the Camino de Santiago and they just wait locked in room for four days And a daily test plan to cover all 32 sports in history, the coronavirus games.