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Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: A goal from Oyarzabal, 170 minutes later, makes Olympic dream a reality

Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: A goal from Oyarzabal, 170 minutes later, makes Olympic dream a reality

De la Fuente’s team is better against Australia, with a great Pedri and substitutes Brian Gill and Asensio. The draw against Argentina is enough

Oirzabal in the match against Australia.asano ekkoAFP

It took Spain 170 minutes to find a target that is a dream, because otherwise it would have been a nightmare. Both oerzabali, aided by a center Asensio The match against Australia, scheduled as a confirmation, allows the men luis de la fuente Qualify with a draw against Argentina on the last day of the group.

Something was needed to change the coach after the first game against Egypt which showed a Spaniard who was as expert as he was stopped. All were Euro players, up to six, with no more than 24 people allowed in Olympic tournaments. The tie, crossed with the rest of the results, created a problem, a major problem, which escalated yesterday, before playing with Argentina’s minimal win over the Egyptians. It was necessary to give a rudder, but the coach gave it without questioning the hierarchy: five new to Euro six and eleven. Despite the game, much better than his debut, the lack of goals prompted him to look for even more options, notably Brian Gill and Asensio, this time with success.

early innovations were Scar Gill, Carlos Soler, Cucurella, Puado and Jubimendi. In two cases, the change was forced due to injuries to Ceballos and Mingueza. However, notably, the involvement of two men, Cucurella and Puado, was a puncture in the team’s nervous system. both on the left, a fact that leads the elm to the right, was quickly discovered pedri, which, this time yes, showed all the stripes that an 18-year-old already has. Not only did he pass and try the shot, but he also recovered the balls without giving up the alertness needed to avoid Australia’s counterattack. Arzani.

The Manchester City striker is Australia’s best, very physical and tactical, often looking tall for both Arzani and Arzani. rulerA giant, capable of playing with his back to down the ball. However, they had few chances for Spain’s good concentration, which was only cut short by the early, grim yellow card that Arzani inflicted on Gil.

Cucurella proved what almost no footballer did in the first meeting: overflow, be perpendicular. That shortcoming had a clear victim in the eleven against Australia: Asensio. Madrid did not enter the second half after Brian Gil, who shook the sea defense and changed the dynamics of the game. However, the main stroke was delivered by Madridista, serving the measured center that Oyarzabal finished very well.