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Oblak, bitter exhibition and pull of the ears: “We cannot mark and get behind”

Oblak, bitter exhibition and pull of the ears:

The rojiblancos once again suffered a comeback, as happened in the last month and a half against Mallorca and Granada.

Diego Pablo Simeone laments during the game.AFP
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A part of the stands of the King Fahd stadium threw their hands to their heads. Especially those circumstantial Saudi supporters of Athletic, who pushed hard so that their team, the one wearing green, would achieve, as it ended up happening, the last ticket to the final. They shuddered because Jan Oblak, who had been signing a discreet season, threatened to miraculously destroy their desires. appeared before Igo Martinez, in what would have been a draw at any other time and place. And I did it again before Nick Williams, as had already happened at the start against his brother Iaki. But it was not enough for Atlético, who saw the train of the first title of the season pass before their eyes. Jan could do no more.

That’s why when he entered the huge auditorium of the compound, he did it to speak. To speak with the authorized voice granted by being the second captain of the team. To let off steam in Spanish almost as you would have done in your language. “Personally, I look good. There are many goals conceded, sometimes you can’t influence, other times you can do better and I want the team to improve and improve myself,” he started, before launching a sharp message.

“Individually, my match doesn’t matter to me. We’ve lost and it’s a disappointment to lose in this cup that we wanted to win. We have to be more focused and attentive. After the goal we get back and wait. And if we wait, what happens is that things happen things like today”, Oblak sentenced, with that calm gesture, confirming what his colleagues say about him: he speaks little, but when he does it is because he has something to say. After the goal that seemed to come from Joao Flix and ended up being Unai Simón’s own goal, the rojiblancos suffered a siege that was somewhat avoidable.

“There are things that cannot be hidden”

Something serious was also going on Diego Pablo Simeon, which does not finish hitting the key. In the last month and a half, a goal is no longer a certainty for Atlético. It was not against Mallorca, in the Metropolitan. Nor in Granada, after scoring first joao flix. And he was about to come to nothing last Sunday against Villarreal. In Arabia, it happened again. “There are things that cannot be hidden. The team does not have defensive strength in the aerial game and it takes away from us the possibility of having better games and better opportunities to be up in the League and be left out in this competition,” the coach summed up with concern. Argentinian. “My diagnosis is to continue working, improving, that the players get involved in the work”, the rojiblanco master completed his analysis.

I didn’t hide either Koke, surpassed in the center of the field by the intensity of an Athletic that was never satisfied with being a comparsa in Arabia. “You have to be self-critical. There are three competitions that you have to fight to the death. But in the end what you have to do is demonstrate and leave us speechless,” was his summary and his recipe.

Atltico went home upset, in need of a place to put his ideas in order. I ended up with one less player because Gimnez His blood boiled in that last ball that he wanted to finish off with his soul and ended up hitting Igo Martínez. It was the crooked last line of another poorly ironed match. The first disappointment of 2022.

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