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Novak Djokovic’s Day of Disappointment

Novak Djokovic's Day of Disappointment

After more than two months without a loss, the Serb fell twice in a row. “Luckily to start from scratch,” he said of his duel with Pablo Carrio, for bronze this Saturday (8:00 in Spain).

Djokovic during the match against Zverev.Reuters

Novak Djokovik Not used to losing, how will it happen? This year he had only suffered three defeats, his last two and a half months before, on the unstoppable tennis wheel for eternity, Rafael Nadal In the final of the Masters 1000 in Rome. But this Friday, in just five hours, he expressed regret, despair and even blasphemy twice in a row. In both semifinals they are the stuff of Olympic Games with so many options for good and bad.

I lost in singles Alexander Zverev (1-6, 6-3 and 6-1) and in doubles, with his compatriots Nina Stojanovic, fell against the russian couple, elena vesnina You Aslan Karatsev (7-6(4) and 7-5). At the end of his continuous season, still in a hurry, with a certain rage, and especially with great fatigue, he held on to the press for a minute and 18 seconds and went to the Olympic Village to rest. “I feel terrible in every way right now, but this is the game. He (Zverev) played better. He shot very well and my serve fell in the second set, where he scored me eight games in a row,” he remarked When analyzed his first stumble and when questioned about his bronze chances this Saturday, he replied: “Luckily I’m starting from scratch. I hope to try and win a medal for my country.” ” And all. It was eleven o’clock in Tokyo and the number one in the world rankings was thinking of ending one of the worst days of his career.

“You are the best tennis player in history”

Which surprisingly started. The victory against Zverev was practically a fact and then, nothing disappeared. In the first hour he was Novak Djokovic, you already know him; In another it was another tennis player. In the midst of the collapse, he yelled at his technical body in search of a solution, but the only solution he had was. The German suffered breakages during the week or for some other reason, due to improvements in the game, noelle He disappeared from that game and even the next one, doubles. He lost eight games in a row between the second and third sets, and by the time he responded, he was receiving praise from the nets for Zverev. “You are the best tennis player in history,” he said. Good consolation.

This Saturday (at 08.00 in Spain) the Serbians will face pablo cario In search of a medal he already has, as he was already a bronze at the 2008 Beijing Games when Nadal defeated him in the semi-finals. “This match is a rare thing in tennis. Usually you lose, you fly to the next tournament and you dedicate yourself to analyzing that defeat, where you failed, what you improved.” Now it’s the opposite. After this defeat, we stay here and the only objective is to forget what happened in the next few hours. Bronze, in general, is not won by the best, either technically or physically Rather, it is won by the person with the best performance after losing in the semi-finals,” he analyzed. Sergi Bruguera, Cario’s coach, after an unexpected stumble.

Carreo. the confusion of

The Spaniard came from an excellent tournament, losing only one set, and he was confused on the worst day. It thundered and thundered in Tokyo and a few miles away at the Olympic Stadium, he reported a wild storm falling, but not a drop to give Cario a truce at Ariake Tennis Park. I was looking up at the sky and there was no way out. Russian Karen Khachanovy I punished him, I punished him, I punished him until he beat him (6-3 and 6-3) and knocked him out of the final.

During the first hour of the game, Carrio was left with no substitute and, when she had her first and only break ball, she vanished like nothing. Khachanov never trembled his service, very hard, always touching 200 km / h, in succession. aces. In fact, the Russian, in a state of grace, practically nothing failed with him Run And even in the first set he loved going from net to volley. “We should congratulate him because he was better and he deserved to win,” Cario acknowledged and then left a message for hope: “I’m going to work now so that today’s loss doesn’t cost me tomorrow’s defeat. Have to pay.”