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Noah Ross Exams Retirement At 19: “I Can’t Raise My Back”

Noah Ross Exams Retirement At 19: "I Can't Raise My Back"

The former gymnast, champion of Spain in 2019, quits the sport due to a nerve problem. “Due to a fissure in one of the vertebrae that I suffered, I am crushing the nerve at the moment,” he details.

Noa Rios, in one of the last controls.rfegWorld

It was sudden. One day I went for training as usual and the next day, on April 1, the doctors told me not to do it anymore. Every time I straighten my back, even more so than if I do an extension, I’m forcing it and that’s dangerous. former gymnast on the phone Noah Rosso He details the reasons for his very early retirement at the age of 19 and, although his voice breaks, he needs a few seconds to stop, and put forward his words, he claims. that he has taken a load off his shoulders. He was suffering for a long time. I knew something was wrong.

It all started, like many things, at the top. In the summer of 2019, Rios, just 17, was declared the individual Spanish champion and ranked in the top 25 at the World Cup. Goal, close, possible: a venue for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Problems since then, many, many.

I started getting multiple injuries on my left leg. He suffered a heel fracture, a calf and sole break, frequent knee and ankle sprains and, when incarcerated in 2020, severe hip pain. Suppose the problem comes from there, from the hip. And at the end of that year I had surgery, which took a very long nine months of rehabilitation. Last summer I returned to training, but the injuries returned as well: a quadriceps rupture, one of the fifth metacarpals due to a fall …. That left leg always failed me. And I already felt that something was happening there. Finally they looked at me to see where it all came from and found out that I had radiculopathy, probably due to a fissure in the back of the L5 vertebra, which I was suffering from years ago. It seems during this time that I am crushing a nerve and it has affected the leg, Ross details with an uncertain future.

operate or not

As he begins his studies in psychology, he hopes that doctors will propose a solution: perhaps his radiculopathy can be resolved in the operating room, perhaps it is too risky and he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. The test, in which it is already submerged, will last for several weeks. I want to wait for this process to finish. If I have to have an operation near a nerve, I don’t know what I’m going to do, because in my sport, I know of a few cases that have bad outcomes. At the moment I can’t stretch my back, I have to go curved. He also told me that in some way or the other it will always affect me. That’s why I decided to leave gymnastics, highlights the Spanish team gymnast from 2016, when she was still a junior, until recently.

Over the past few days, Rios has received several messages on his social networks, especially Instagram, where he still stars in Stories and More Stories to this day, and it has worked to lift his spirits: the truth is. that it has helped me a lot. It has made me see that over the years, all the effort was worth it. I have had many experiences and made many friends.

beginning, in the mountains

Their history in gymnastics is intertwined with other similar ones, all united by the exaggerated pace that the sport demands of good and bad. This week, the last Olympic champion, Israel linoy ashram, The man who tore through decades of Russian domain said goodbye without injuring himself at the age of 23, just out of fatigue. The ashram started training practically as a child and was in demand for a very long time. Rose’s case was different in this respect.

The Spaniard was never a gym kid, quite the opposite: Her parents were mountain lovers and she practiced mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding or climbing before she even knew what a spaghett was. But one summer day at a campsite in Switzerland…

There was a boy and a girl who couldn’t stop doing somersaults, who kept jumping all day long… I didn’t dare say anything to them, but since I had a very nice dog, one day they pet him. Came over to make and I asked them what they were doing. He told me he practices gymnastics, I follow him every day and when I returned home my mother signed me up for the only gym in Benicarl. What the kids did at the campsite was artistic gymnastics and the gym was rhythmic, but I didn’t care. It was 2011, I was 10 years old and I was training there until last April 1st, Rios finished.

According to his account, he has found comfort again in the mountains, on walks, with great control in the game, without impact and without any load, while he has adapted to life without a rope, without a hoop, without a ball, With no clubs and no tapes: now I have to make up my mind and adapt. I can no longer do gymnastics. I think it is the same.

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