Nico Shera, due to unexpected failure:

The boy who came to Spain and “wanted to train every day” and who is the current world champion, could not find a reason for his defeat. “I don’t know what happened to me.”

Niko Sherazadishvili, in Tokyo this Wednesday.Reuters
  • nico shera Goodbye to one of the most obvious gold options for Spain

The day when, at the age of nine, Nikoloz Sherazadishvili He approached the Dojo Quino Ruiz de Brunete because he wanted to train Judo every day, yesterday when Uzbek came to his mind. Davlat Bobonov This removed him from any chance of a medal at the majestic Nippon Budukan. On the fine line between Olympic success and failure, between a gold and a seventh place, there is room for years and years of Spartan training. Those days of monastic life are remembered in the uncompromising submersion of the 1.90m judoka, the fight against scale, of technical perfection.

Nico didn’t know how to react to the disappointment of 25 years of life. He protested briefly in front of the judges, threw himself to the ground, cried, covered himself with a towel, apologized to his coach… It took him about half an hour to leave the locker room, eyes red, calm Words that didn’t try to pause. “I will need time to analyze what has happened. I am not well from the first moment. The sensations were not what I should have been for everything I was trained in. But it is day and you have to take it on your own.” Everything has to be given. He was trying to convince me he was fine, but he wasn’t. I can’t say anything more,” he indicated without giving any excuse.

Image of him, unconscious, eyes lost, after being defeated in the room on Tatami by strangulation (Okuri-eri-jime) Mikhail Igolnikov Already be one of the most painful of the Spanish delegation at these games. Nico participates as the most recent world champion (June 10). Expectations through the roof. Pressure? “Yet yes, it may be a small part. i don’t know what happened to meWhat have I done wrong? In my opinion I have done everything perfectly”, he said in the bowels of Budokan.

the battle that marked his life

could not fulfill nico’s dream zakaria, his father, who died shortly after arriving in Madrid. With him, in his native Tbilisi, he witnessed the war that marked him for the rest of his life. one of Zurab Zviadauri In Athens 2004, the first Georgian Olympic champion. “I won brilliantly, it was shocking. I created the desire to be there, the desire to win,” he told EL Mundo a few months ago.

He could not even hold a bronze, which in his case would be less evil, not a success. But he could not recover against an opponent, the Uzbek, whom he had always defeated. Despite the attitude that seemed different from the nostalgia of the morning. “I’ve been bad since the first fight. The first one has taken me a long time. The second one too. I usually win early and I don’t think the first three fights took me that long. Never. So, me Don’t know….”, he was trying to find the root of his despair.

Something he mentioned several times was the issue of weight, the passion of the judokas. As the years go by, Nico finds it harder and harder. lose 91 kg. For this reason, he admitted, it was his last fight in that category: to go under 100. “I’ve been having a hard time putting on weight lately. But I’ve eaten what I was supposed to eat. I know my muscle builds up and it’s harder. I had a lower fat percentage, more and more muscle.” … “.

And, as if talking to himself, Shera thought of yesterday, always the most painful day. You want to forget everything, you want to start over as soon as possible, all at once. “Now I don’t feel like looking down, i have to clean myself. It’s been some really tough years, I haven’t rested at all and I want to clear my mind and return with great desire… I already have my head [Juegos]. I’m lost, I’m fatal, but I need some time to clean myself”, he was right to argue.

His goodbye comes as a nice blow to Spanish judo, who also bid adieu to their last rival this Wednesday. mara barnabus, finished fifth in Ro, in the first exchange in Tokyo. If at the most recent World Cup, Spain, apart from Nico’s gold – no Spaniard has won two world golds in judo – – Ana Prez won the box silver in 52 kg and the bronze of Fran Garrigos (-60) and Julia Figueroa . (-48), the curse remains in the games. One of the sports that used to be successful in the 90s (three gold, one silver and two bronze), but that bronze has since isabelle fernandez In Sydney 2000 he does not know what to achieve on the Olympic podium.