Home Sport Nico Garca, eighth in 200 backstroke, points to the future

Nico Garca, eighth in 200 backstroke, points to the future

Nico Garca, eighth in 200 backstroke, points to the future

The 19-year-old from Madrid could not progress in the Test won by Rylov.

Nicolas Garca in Tokyo.EFE

Olympic Diploma, an outstanding award for nico garcia On her first date with Games at the age of 19. Position in the final of the 200 backstroke, in which he was last, was not the most important, as his podium options were unattainable. The important thing was to be in that place. not your case Hugo Gonzalez, who disputed 100 backstrokes but did not agree with 200 styles in which he should value his European title in Budapest. For Nico, it has just begun, and by and large, no matter how much of his image in the finals, out of the race, he is the last in the Games. will be even better.

The Madrid swimmer, who belongs to Gredos San Diego, has many aspects to improve, which gives him a promising future. Still very tall, he can do it with muscle and in the same way, perfect his turning technique. There they earn a valuable hundredth. Till now, he has been exceptionally trained by the coach. Pedro Simon.

Finally time has no referential value, because after looking away from the contexts Ryan Murphy, surrendered to him in the last 50. Russian Evgeny Rylov, the winner, finished in 1:53.27. Nico reached 1:59, not far from 1:56.31 as he qualified for the final in the semi-finals and lowered his personal best to no less than seven cents. That was his climax in sports. The next ones, in Paris, are waiting for you.

Nico’s appearance in the final is good news for Spanish swimming, although it does not prepare for unfulfilled expectations. Hugo Gonzalez, on which, perhaps, excessive pressure was exerted. It exceeded the low in Tokyo, but before the final stage, it broke down. In addition, he left a bitter taste, reiterating his complaints about the help that swimmers receive in our country.

The 22-year-old Mallorcan has not been able to handle the lead he has left in these games miria belmonte. At the age of 30, fourth place among the 400 genres, the decline shown by Badalona in the background, does not compensate for the 800 and 1,500. He left a huge void in his last Olympic appointment.