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Neither Seville nor Mallorca left Pizzun happy. LaLiga Santander 2021

Neither Seville nor Mallorca left Pizzun happy.  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Andalusians failed to secure the Champions League and the Balearic Islands remained in the relegation zone.

Ocampos and Martin Valzent brawl over the ball.AFP
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Seville You Majorca They drew 0-0 in a perfect match without rhythm. Neither the Andalusians sealed their presence in the Champions League next season, nor did the Balearic Islands manage to get out of the relegation spots on a sterile night. [Narracin y estadsticas: 0-0]

People, to take a nap, wear Tour de France. Tour de France holds first parts of Seville de France, to take a nap Julen Lopetegui, The coach is comfortable in that mistake, in that empty start. Stands are sacred. Your patience is commendable. Winning the ugly is better than losing the beautiful; Anyone who defends the contrary, stay away from this page. Classification rules. Diamond logic. Price to Pay: 45 minutes to Nervion Parish disguised as a wasteland.

Seville and Mallorca needed three points, of equal concern for different destinations. Visitors struggled to survive in the cabins, with the locals struggling to survive in the palaces. There was no class or distinction on the grass. Both moved with precise clumsiness. after a corner, rafa miro He was able to finish on target, although very forced. His shot was out of reach. manolo queenbut save seville Clearance under sticks. It was the most dangerous. Mallorca was also his, more timid, with less intrigue. papu gomez He lost the ball in the center circle. muriki moved to the field section and served bataglia that, without conviction, with his left hand, he tried deeply concerned, The Moroccan goalkeeper dwarfed the goal and patted the side severely.


Sevilla was not dominant, Mallorca did not want to be pleased. Twenty-two football players share the course. In college Water He remembered that there are people who pay to see the game; After all, football is a show. His duel with the Mafio shook his side. In the rest of the plots, nothing too cute. gudeljo It’s a black hole, Jordan He can’t beat the team, Mir is an opponent for himself. The weight of the season rests on the feet. among them Xavier AguirreFor fear of not giving up, they forgot to win. The break was a relief for all.

The soda did not encourage shock. less than that. Attacking Sevilla sluggish and blunt, Mallorca bowed, with its battered Ram nearly obstinate in midfield. Yellow Card Salad. Stops continuously. A dark tune Only the bench was going to add essence to the game. Muriqi scored in the 64th minute, but Bono gave a brilliant reply. Sanchez-Pizzon looked at his watch and sniped at his men.

tactical You ocampos to the ring Danish You kubo The Mexican technician had a response. The draw began to please the Majorcans. Andalusians wanted more, but they could do little. The game was closed, the goal was a utopia. grinder Kicked Ocampos in the area, but the referee denied the penalty. In the next play, Diego Charles Kubo was left on the edge of the field, but hernandez hernandez Nor the pit. The party got confused and died. By desire, but without light. Sevilla attacked desperately in extra time, but it was not a night for the Twilight Heroes. Reena ends their joint pain with a magical parry.

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