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NBA: The exhibition without a prize of Ricky Rubio and the first Aldama-Garuba: “Let’s go to war” | NBA 2021

 NBA: The exhibition without a prize of Ricky Rubio and the first Aldama-Garuba:

The point guard scored 28 points in the Cavaliers’ loss to the Celtics and the young Spaniards met at the Grizzlies-Rockets.

Ricky, against the Celtics.Tony DejakAP

The Spanish base Ricky Rubio has led this morning to Cleveland Cavaliers with 28 points but he has not been able to avoid defeat before Boston Celtics (92-98), on an NBA day in which Santi Aldama took the fratricidal duel before Usman Garuba in the crushing victory of Memphis Grizzlies in view of Houston Rockets (136-102).

Rubio, who has taken command of the team Ohio Faced with the plague of injuries, he was the top scorer of his team by signing 28 goals – his best mark of the season – in 37 minutes, in which he also had time to contribute with 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

However, he could not prevent the Celtics, without Madrid Juancho Hernangmez by technical decision and supported by Jayson tatum (23 points) and by a magnificent epilogue by Dennis Schroder (14, 6 in the last minute and a half), took revenge for the loss of the previous night, when the ‘Cavs’ rallied 19 points behind.

Despite everything, JB Bickerstaff’s (9-6) remains fifth in the Eastern Conference. “We want to win every game; today we couldn’t, but we have warrior players on this team. We go to war and I like that“Rubio said at a press conference.

“This team showed claw tonight. It’s something we have to keep doing, improving, watching videos, correcting the mistakes we had, but at the same time everyone who played today did well and now we have to think about the next game, “he added.

For their part, Santi Aldama and Usman Garuba signed their best game in the NBA in the match between Spaniards, which was taken away by the Canarian forward’s Memphis, which ended with 4 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in just over 6 minutes, against the Rockets of the power forward Castilian-La Mancha, who signed 5 points -2 of 3 field goals-, 6 rebounds and 2 assists in 9 minutes.

Finally, the Madrid Willy Hernangmez still without minutes and did not participate in the defeat of the New Orleans Pelicans at the Washington Wizards (105-100).

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