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NBA: NBA Finals 2022: Keys, Data and Stars of the Warriors – Celtics | nba 2021

  • Celtics Jason Tatum, named after Kobes
  • west end Warriors beat Luka Doncic’s Mavso

The NBA’s 75th anniversary season will end with a final between two of the three original franchises still standing: Golden State Warriorsthe team that marked the last decade, and Boston CelticsMost successful player in history with the Lakers. On the one hand the dynasty that refuses to write its last page; On the other hand, the group that eventually reaches the stage that protested so much.

They are the sixth final in eight years for the Warriors, something only the Bulls achieved. Michael Jordanlakers off magic johnson and celtics bill russell, Dynasties have a comparison with their names that the whole universe revolves around Stephen Curry, marked by injuries after two years, especially Clay ThompsonThey have returned to the platform that belongs to them.

few months ago, Steve Kerro I saw that this parenthesis came in handy for the team. That five years of continuous fatigue and stress in reaching the final had begun to show its effect. Those two seasons have been freed from expectations, taking a breather and filling the pantry: Hard core around new supporting actors expands the legitimacy of this team.

Since Kerr took over the Warriors in 2014, there is only one team in the NBA with a positive balance against them, the Boston Celtics. After years of advertising, the Greens have joined hands in the final, having lost the Eastern Finals three times. jason tatumOne of the brightest young stars, and a brilliant defence.

Stars: Stephen Curry and Jason Tatum

In the history of the game there are players who represent an evolution, who dominate the rules of the game, and who mark a revolution, who break the board. Stephen Curry belongs to another species: his disruption marked the definite path from the vertical domain (height, altitude) to the horizontal domain (space, shooting range).

He is a unique player on whom the warriors have built their lineage. And yet in his record, which has three rings and the first unanimous MVP in regular season history, a hole remains: Finals MVP. Although his legacy is already far beyond the awards, winning it with a fourth ring would be the culmination of a career that still doesn’t hold up.

And in front of an already secured legacy, the one who still writes his first verses. Jason Tatum, in which Kobe Bryant Anticipating enough promise to take him under his wing, he has climbed up another notch this season to be one of the best players in the league. After being selected for the first time in the All-Star Quintet of the season, leading his team to the first final since 2010, he faces the challenge of finding the ring against the legendary Modern Dynasty.

road to final

Last January Curry, Thompson and Drummond Green, the trident on which the Warriors are standing, shared the court for the first time since the 2019 final. Nearly two and a half years later… and only for 7 seconds, because Greene, with muscle trouble, wanted to jump early in a symbolic way to celebrate Thompson’s return after 941 days of injury. According to PBP Stats, they only match for 11 minutes in the entire regular phase.

The data serves as a testament to the obstacles the Warriors have had to overcome this season as well, and the wardrobe depth they’ve gained in these fallow years: Despite injuries to both, they’ve amassed 53 wins. already existing playoffs, sent a low nuggets; He sweated it out against some grizzlies who ended up without their star, ja morento, and ran on the mavericks luca donsi,

There were also obstacles along the way for the Boston Celtics, who started off slow to the point of reaching the halfway point with a negative balance (20 wins, 21 losses). Ime Udokarookie trainer but keen on shadow of Greg PopovichI got the tune in time: They’re the best team ever in the NBA in 2022, a rocky set behind that began to dwindle their attack in the second half of the season.

and arrived playoffsBill passed. One after the other they have eliminated teams that have defeated them in the past three seasons: Brooklyn Nets (2021), Milwaukee Bucks (2019), defending champions and Miami Heat (2020).

Defense and Championship

The Finals pit the two most efficient defenses in the NBA against each other. Celtics signed data best of course (106.2 points per 100 assets); and Warrior, the second (106.6). Both respond to the prototype of the modern team, players who can change position behind the block so as to always place a man between the ball and the basket.

No team has better arguments than the Celtics for dealing with the Warriors’ aggressive flow. Some players may (on paper) be better than Curry Marcus SmartAnd there’s no fan like Jason Tatum, jailene brown You Grant Williams (Near Al Horford) to disarm an attack.

Although the fireworks that attract the attention of these warriors the most, the truth is that they have been just as impressive in defense during all these years. The difference is that while the Celtics’ offense becomes predictable when Tatum and Brown fall into Tuya-Ma, Golden State is swift and unpredictable. Every action has a few choices that achieve the most dangerous thing: suspecting the opponent.

x factor

He says Mike D’Antoine what in playoffs Eight players are commonly used and only seven are trusted. The turns are shortened, but behind the stars there are always names that could change a game, if not an elimination round.

On the Celtics, Marcus Smart and Robert Williams Two of them are players. Curry’s first as main defender, the leader of an offensive defense that will try to take advantage of the Warriors’ problems with losses. Second, an athletic midfielder who ended the tie against Miami with serious mobility problems. If he is healthy, he is a vital support (and replacement) for veteran Al Horford.

in warriors, Andrew Wiggins One of the great stories of course. The young prodigy who didn’t find his place as a star and managed to recycle himself into a luxury secondary. With the injury of Klay Thompson, his defense has become even more important. and in the second basket, Jordan PooleA distant cousin of ‘Splash Brothers’ who, despite losing weight with the passing of the qualifiers, has been able to download 20 points in one inspired night.

Experience: 123-0

There’s only one compelling fact in such a close match: among all the Warriors players, they’ve played 123 games in the finals, while none of the Celtics know what it’s like to play. You haven’t seen such an imbalance since the final between Chicago (134) and Utah (0) in 1997.

The Golden State Warriors also start with the field factor in their favor: The series opens Friday at the grand Chase Center, a 1,500 million pavilion that hosts playoffs For the first time since its inauguration in 2019. And that advantage has increased: The Curry-Thompson-Green trio have won at least one home game of all the ties they’ve played in their careers. And in the last decade there are already 26.

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