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NBA: Juancho Hernangmez and Faisundo Campazo, without team. nba 2021

The Utah Jazz declined the Spaniard’s alternate contract last year, while the Denver Nuggets waived the Argentine rights.

Juancho Hernandez.Scott Yamano/Netflix
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Juancho Hernangmez Start the summer without a team. few hours before the market nba open its doors, Utah Jazzu He decided to decline the contract option that the Spanish international had for the next season. After playing for five different teams last year, the Madrid forward will have to return to earn a place in the league.

The first reaction to this news was from his brother, who is also a sportsperson. Willie Hernangmezwho belongs to the staff of the new orleans pelicans NBA. Last night express your anger Tweeting emoticon with angry face.

among hernangmez The Jazz signed a decent end to the season with (6.2 points, 3.5 rebounds, 43.8% in triples in 17 games), but that’s not enough to convince the Mormon franchise. the rest of that year, in the last year of renewal he signed with Minnesota Timberwolves At the end of 2020, it was for $7.3 million (700,000 for 6.6 Aadhar and Incentive).

The Utah Jazz’s Pay Bill Hits the Limit nba punishes teams (luxury tax) and does without Juancho Hernangmez This was one of the easiest ways to avoid it. no wonder they’re going to pierce too Royce O’Neill (before CB Gran Canaria), Undisputed starter for three seasons.

Since in 2020 I left Denver Nuggets, The team in which he spent his first three-and-a-half seasons in the NBA, Juancho Hernangmez Leads a nomadic life. His debut with the Minnesota Timberwolves was good enough to earn him 21 crore contract for three years, But after 10 months he fell into a wheel that he could not get out of.

in August 2021, after being denied permission to participate in olympic games, Wolves sold him to Memphis Grizzlies. Three weeks later, he went to the Boston Celtics, with whom he played 18 games that didn’t leave a good taste in his mouth. from there San Antonio Spurs (5 games) and finally at the Utah Jazz, where he did manage to gain a foothold.

Juancho joins free agency Ricky Rubio, who has also terminated the contract. Catalan, who is still recovering from his knee injury, could not manage to attend Indiana Pacers and it seems like one of the goals of Cleveland Cavaliers, With whom he was off to a great start to the season… and where Jose Manuel Caldern He has been working as a consultant since last January.

Fascundo Campazo, also free

It’s also free Thursday fasundo campazo, Denver Nuggets declined to offer him qualifying offer (nearest in nba to register a player in the right of first refusal), so that the Argentine point guard is free to negotiate his future.

Despite injuries sustained in the team’s outdoor play on the course, campazo He hasn’t managed to land a big role for the Nuggets. Display of mount morris and deceitful interference bones-highland He cut it.

In a recent interview tn sports argentina, Campazzo reiterated that his desire is to eliminate options to continue in the NBA: “My priority is to continue in 1, 2 and 3. nba, For now, I don’t mind go back to europe, Obviously it will happen at some point, but not now. I have it very clear: I want to try again, no matter what franchise it is in, but to try again,” he assured.

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